Retreat with Shelly Sharon, 20 – 23 April, 2017 in Switzerland


How we further our love affair with awakening

20-23 April 2017 

Martigny, Switzerland


Dear Friends

Do consider joining Shelly’s retreat next April in Switzerland. She is a Dharma teacher resident in Europe and a co-teacher for our  Mindfulness Teacher Training Course next June in Germany and in September in Israel.

Shelly writes: The wild is everything we don’t understand as well as the source of free flow. The Wild Heart is the space we hold inside us that never stops telling the truth even when we don’t listen. So we gather together to get inspired, to echo deep teachings, to move to the rhythms of earth and music. Shelly’s retreat is an invitation to fall madly in love with life by exploring the frequency of love and how we embody it in a deep sense.

The 4-day full immersion will include teachings and exploration through meditations, gentle movement and like-hearted connections. There will be silent periods and times for self contemplation as well as Dharma talks and Q&A with Shelly. This is for anyone who wishes to explore that which is beyond words.

For further details and registration:

 About Shelly

Shelly’s teachings are inspired by weaving together the messages of ancient wisdom and the world of now. She has devoted her life to seeking truth and finding ways to support humanity in its unfoldment. Fifteen years of practice in the Dharma, as well other disciplines such as Aikido, Tai Chi, Yoga and dance have given Shelly fertile ground in which to root all her professional experiences. Following her Master’s degree and work as a researcher, Shelly established herself as a business woman and developed a mindfulness-based facilitation program which she applied in working with NGOs, the government sector and corporates. Shelly spent 4 years as a nomad and since a break-open in 2011 she has devoted her life fully to bringing teachings of awakening as well as providing personal and business guidance.


  • @Roi – a point well raised. Given the recommendation on this page, Shelly’s site is weirdly incongruent with Christopher’s. Consider for example this quote: “Most of the times not making enough money to live means you’re not connected to your self worth and to your natural assests” (

    Quite aside from the mangled English, this is pretty nasty stuff: both a denial of systematic economic injustice, and an unpleasant example of fluffy New Age victim-blaming.

    Disappointing to come across such things here.

  • Hi Christopher,

    You make often claim against spiritual teachers who make buisness out of spirituality, charge money for their teachings and do not work on dana

    I never met shelli and I don’t know anything about her, but in her website she says she gives private chanelling and astrology sessions for 130$ Per hour + buisness consulting ect…

    Can you explain how does all this get along with your long published demands that spiritual teachers will work fully/only on Dana?
    Also, you ask us to join your own program with shelli, could you maybe say a few words about your personal aquaintance with her? How long do you know her/teach with her? And what makes you trust her, her intentions and teaching ability?


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