Pilgrimage and retreat in India 26 January – 13 February 2017

 Pilgrimage and retreat in India  26 January – 13 February 2017

With Ellen van lersel 18-day journey in India, incl 7-day vipassana retreat guided by Christopher Titmuss and Zohar Lavie.

Always wanted to go to India but not on your own? Go with us and meet the real India while travelling by local transport, staying in small guesthouses and visiting some rural villages around Bodhgaya.

This pilgrimage is an outer as well as an inner journey. Being in India gives you the opportunity to see life from a whole new perspective, during the morning meditations, sharing circles and the retreat we will take time to reflect on our inner experiences.

With our small group of about 7 participants we will spend time in the holy city of Varanasi, witnessing life on the Ganga ghats. And we will stay in two of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage places. Bodhgaya, where Buddha reached enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, and Sarnath the place where he gave his first teachings.

In Sarnath we will take part in the 7-day vipassana retreat led by Christopher and Zohar. The retreat forms the heart of this journey. Your motivation to take part is essential for joining this adventure.

Part of the profits of the journey will be donated to the NGO People First, which has been doing tremendous work in the villages surrounding Bodhgaya giving support to the poorest of the poorest. We will spend one day visiting some of the projects.

The journey will be organized and guided by mindfulness trainer Ellen van Iersel. She has travelled and lived in India for almost 2 years.

“I hope to give people who are interested in meditation and Buddhism, but don’t want to travel in India on their own, the opportunity to meet this beautiful and inspiring country.” Ellen

For more detailed information, itinerary, photo impression, costs and registration please go to livemindfully.nl/spiritual-journey-in-india/


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