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Tea and Strawberries

I attended for the third year the five day Buddhafield Festival near Taunton in Devon, England, last month along with 2500 others. Where else can a dharma teacher go and give an hour or two of teachings in the morning and afternoon, hang out with dharma friends, find shady spots to read a book, and dance in the evening? FWBO provide us with a marquee, called Dharma Inquiry, where we offer teachings. Jane Blissett and Jeanette Karlsson from Brighton, Ken Street and Rick Lawrence from Totnes, all participants in the Dharma Facilitators Programme and myself put on a programme between us in the morning and afternoon. Continue reading 

Walk the Talk



I remember listening to Jaya (Ashmore) give her first Dharma talk during our first Dharma Gathering in Sarnath, India in February 1999. Sitting besides me was Nina from Sweden, my partner at the time. At the end of the talk –(on the nature of inter-connectedness, inwardly and outwardly), Nina turned to me and laughed: “Christopher, you’re history. I have a new guru. Her name is Jaya.” Don’t laugh. She meant it. Continue reading 


Late last year, I sat with unblinking attention to watch Downfall, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. This German made film charts the last days of the life of Adolf Hitler (played chillingly by Bruno Ganz) in the Berlin bunker as Hitler swings between ranting around German capitulation to polite small talk like a heavily drugged mental patient as his hand shook incessantly from Parkinson’s disease. Amidst the obscenity of it all, he marries Eva Braun in the midst of hell a couple of days before they commit suicide. Not having been to the cinema for so long, Continue reading