Letting Go and more. Four filmed Dharma teachings. Each one lasting about four minutes.

Here are four clips of Dharma teachings.

Each one lasts for about four minutes.

Filmed for Realize Media by Amy in my front room at home in Totnes, Devon, England.


Module 1: Meeting Ajahn Buddhadasa and Letting Go of the Path

Module 1 Clip         vimeo.com/251360852

Module 2: Four Truths of the Noble Ones

Module 2:  Clip         vimeo.com/251361090

Module 3: Love – even in Hard Times

Module 3 Clip         vimeo.com/251361250

Module 4: Emptiness

Module 4 Clip         vimeo.com/251361366

From home page of Realize Media website:

RealizeMedia offers spiritual teachings and online courses with

renowned and respected teachers worldwide

using the best online technology and platforms to

bring wisdom, growth and freedom right to you.

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