Calais at the Crossroads. An Insightful Essay. Artwork. On the Plight of Refugees and our Response.

Do make time to read this insightful and poignant essay CALAIS AT THE CROSSROADS. Robert Norris and Joe Peloquin offer us a statement of concern for the plight of millions of refugees. The essay includes artwork.

Starting with a quote from Anne Frank, who died under Nazi occupation, the opening paragraph reads;

‘Activism’ is a weary word, and as is so often the case with specialized kinds of experience it is a breeding-ground for misconception and
incomprehension. What follows is an attempt to revisit the concept of activism, perhaps also to ‘humanise’ it for the growing many who are
experiencing the urge to do something for a world in which that old comforter, ‘never too late’, is fast becoming a dangerous procrastination. It is addressed to the activist in all of us….

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