Join a Silent Pilgrimage in the Sahara Desert 15-26 November 2024

Join a pilgrimage in the Sahara Desert in November 2024  in the expanse and silent beauty of the desert.

A Short Reflection

I wish to encourage readers to consider joining the above pilgrimage in the Moroccan desert with Denis Robberechts from France, Amazigh from Morocco and a line of camels.

There is a world of difference between a hike and pilgrimage, even though some similarities become obvious and sometimes overlap.

A pilgrimage provides the pilgrim with an opportunity to experience a depth of silence, day and night, the fullness of the natural world, reflection, mystical experiences, daily meditation, supportive spiritual practices, sharing with others and reflection on one’s own modest life in the vast cosmos.

Do look at the website for information about the pilgrimage in the Sahara alongside lovely photographs.

Fluent in English, Denis has a wealth of experience in leading and co-leading pilgrimages, as well as offering Dharma teachings/practices and drawing on other spiritual traditions.



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