My Current List of 12 Favourite Songs – mostly soft Rock

Harmony includes the rhythm and the lyrics to enhance the wonder of the presentation to our ears, our heart and into the depth of our being.

The singer in the first song reminds us of life when she sings How Beautiful it is to Exist.

1. Saturn – Sleeping at Night

A deep tribute to a loved one departing from this world

The person who introduced me to this song, sees this at the top of the list, she will smile. She knows why.

2. Vincent – Don McLean

A poetic reminder of the creativity and pain of artist Vincent Van Gogh

3. Another Love. – Tom Odell

The anguish of a failed relationship

4. We are not Alone, Nick Cave

The world has ears and the rocks have eyes

5. Apocalypse – Cigarettes after Sex

Y0u got the music in you. Tell me why.

6. Perfect Day – Lou Reed

A perfect day. You are going to reap what you sow.

7. Into my Arms -Nick Cave

I don’t believe in an interventionist God but his  partner does

8. Hero of War – Rise Against

An anti-war song. A soldier recalls his horrific acts in the name of the Stars and Stripes.

9. A Horse with no Name – America

In the desert you have no name and so noone can give you pain.

10. The Sea – Haevn

If we immerse into water, it will take us home to the deep.

11. Society – Eddie Vedder

Society is crazy. Count me out.

12. One Fine Day – David Byrne

Things can change to make one fine day

Rhymn and Lyrics of a song can change a life.


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