Guidelines for Managers for Dharma Teachings, via Zoom

I am writing to thank all managers for your immense support which enables the Dharma Teachings/Practices on Zoom to take place.

The number of Zoom/Skype meetings have grown over the months.

I have written Guidelines for Zoom Managers for my Zoom Dharma Teachings. I have mentioned details which will make it easier for myself with the workload and benefit those who register for Zoom teachings. The Guidelines show point of mindfulness for the managers to iron out and enable me to tweak any details I overlooked.

I teach in five time zones. I can set up a time zone but perhaps there is a change weeks later of one hour for summer or winter season in UK or elsewhere, or different time zones within other countries, or I make mistake. The two time zones fail to connect. Oops. It has happened. Apologies.

Some of the points listed below may be useful for other managers ensuring Zoom programmes take place with co-ordination with international content and time zones.

I have noticed on the statistics on this blog an ongoing increase in views. For example, there were more than 250,000 views of this blog since January 2021. It only takes a very tiny percentage of comments/inquiries to make a lot of daily emails in the in-box.

You may have more points. Let me know If any point is not clear. I can adjust text and send again to managers. Read the Guidelines carefully.


?1.? Confirm upcoming Zoom Meeting at least 48 hours or 72 hours before the first session with all the information I need to know including your Zoom link for the session(s) if I am using your link.

2. If you have a website, please send a link of the information about the upcoming Zoom teachings or the link on my blog. Either yourself or myself may wish to tweak the text. Please send the leak a week or two before the sessions start.

3. To find my most recent blog announcing the upcoming Zoom teachings, go to Christopher Titmuss blog. Go to Search in top right hand side. Type in country, name of retreat to read information about the Zoom teachings which you manage. Check every detail, especially dates and times in CET/your country, any website and email links etc. Please confirm all is correct or inform of change needed as soon as you have examined info.

4. If any information is incorrect, please email the blog link and specify what needs to be changed. Do not wait to tell me 48 hours or 72 hours before Zoom meeting of changes need in text.

5. Just prior to retreat, send me the number of participants registered for the Teachings/practices.

6. Send me their email addresses right after the last session. On the last session of the Teachings, I make an appeal for dana (donations). I also send an email with appeal plus how to donate via a link. Not everybody can attend the last session. Hence the e-mail.

7. A major Sangha Zoom network will receive and distribute the dana between staff and teacher. This is fine. I do not need to email an appeal for dana.

8. A small Zoom network may receive little dana. If so, I would prefer to make an appeal for dana for myself using my website dana link. I can also give link to the small network website for dana for staff. The manager can also appeal for donations on the Zoom session for staff or send an email to participants.

9. I will send out the Christopher Titmuss e-News to those on the email address list you send. The list you send is not made available to anybody else or organisation.

10. I do not offer Zoom retreats. Some people will use the Zoom meetings as a basis for a personal retreat. I offer Zoom Teachings/practices. This enables people to attend as many sessions as they can, as well as parenting or go to work. Most sessions are recorded and then placed in a folder in Google Drive. I can provide the link to folder to the manager to make available to those who register.

11. If you or myself have a connection/link problem with Zoom/Skype, please send me immediately an email or a text to my mobile phone. Please note my mobile does not always have a signal in every corner of home. You will have received the mobile phone number/landline number in an email.

12. If your website has a registration fee, please make it easy for internationals to make a payment. Please respond quickly to those who register. Some people leave it until the last day or two to register.

13. If a person, wishing to attend Zoom Teachings/Practices leaves it late or does not hear from the manager, can I send the person your Zoom link you sent to me?

14. If you have any further points, please let me know.

Once again, thank you for your precious Dharma service to the international Sangha.


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