GOING DEEP IN MEDITATION. Zoom Teachings/Practices. Tuesday 7- 11 September 2021. Starting 20.00. Israel time. See other time zones in text. CET is one hour behind Israel.

Do join our Zoom teachings/practices between from a Tuesday evening 7 September to a Saturday morning starting 11 September – Israel time.
Participants appreciate the opportunity to attend teachings/practices and explore mindfulness and meditation at home.
The sessions provide an opportunity for depth and inner renewal.
A single sentence can change a life.

Zoom Teachers/Practices. GOING DEEP IN MEDITATION
20.00 – 21.00. Tuesday 7 September evening to Saturday 11 September 2021 10 am-11 am

EVENING TEACHINGS/Q and A. 20.00 – 21.00 Israel time. (19.00 CET start, 18.00 UK start and 13.00 New York start, 22.30 India, and 03 am NSW Australia
MORNING TEACHINGS. Meditation Instructions. Guided Meditation. 9 am in Israel. 8 am in CET, 7am in UK, 2 am in New York, 11.30 am in India and 4 pm in NSW, Australia.
AFTERNOON TEACHINGS. Question and Answers. Sharing. 16.00 in Israel, 15.00 in CET, 14.00 in UK, 9 am in New York, 18.30 in India and 6 pm in NSW Australia.

You may not be able to attend every session. Please attend as much as you can.
Israel time is one hour ahead of CET (Central European time) and two hours ahead of UK.

To receive Zoom, please register with mindfulspace, not myself.
To register: https://todaabria.mindfulspace.co.il/christopher-titmuss/
To email: support@mindfulspaceilhelp.freshdesk.com
or: christopher@insightmeditation.org      if you have problem to register


To go deep in meditation requires refinement through care and attention to detail. Qualities of presence, stillness and subtle perceptions contribute to the process of depth. The opportunity for much discovery arises in the deep.

People often believe that going deep in meditation means sitting for longer periods of time and for a greater number of hours during the day. People can sit for many hours but get in a rut and routine around a technique. This gets in the way of going deep. A helpful practice brings wise attention and our capacity to experience subtle nuances without placing pressure on the mind to go deep. Pressure is not helpful.

There is a middle way between striving hard and treating the meditation process in a light way. The zoom teachings will offer precise instructions along with application of a purposeful posture. Short periods of depth have significance rather than trying to reach a depth and hold onto it.

Participants will meet three times per day for one hour each time. Times will include Instructions/Guided Meditations/Teachings/Question and Answer/Sharing. Course is suitable for those who have attended any meditation retreats/mindfulness courses or similar programmes. Participants decide how many sessions to attend.
The teachings will be in English.

Comprehensive information will be soon available on blog
To register: https://todaabria.mindfulspace.co.il/christopher-titmuss/
To email: support@mindfulspaceilhelp.freshdesk.com
or: christopher@insightmeditation.org.

Contact me if you have problem with registering from outside Israel.

If you wish to register for any Zoom Teachings/Practices, please read carefully.

  • Zoom teachings are offered in the time zone of the specific country.
  • I do not offer Zoom retreats as in classical residential retreats where participants attend from start to finish.
  • You are invited to attend as many Zoom sessions as you can.
  • The Zoom days will consist of three 60-minute Zoom meeting per day.
  • Morning session includes instructions and guided meditation.
  • Afternoon includes question and answer and sharing.
  • Evening includes Teachings plus Q and A.
  • You are encouraged to engage in specific mindfulness/meditation practices at home, work and elsewhere.
  • You can set a retreat timetable at home if you wish.
  • If you register with a centre, you will see the link at the foot of the description of Zoom teachings.
  • Organisations and Centres may make a modest registration charge to help cover ongoing running costs.
  • You will receive the Zoom link a day or two before or earlier for the Zoom.
  • Please send dates of Zoom teachings if you email me about a specific teaching.
  • You can send your name and register with me. christopher@insightmeditation.org
  • A short appeal/email will be made for donations at end of Zoom teachings.

Please pass this blog link to your friends.

Please see previous blog for theme etc for 90-minute guided meditation, teachings, Q and A, on Wednesday 1st September from 20.30 – 22.10

I look forward to seeing you.

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