Global Pandemic. Issues to Address. Health, Stress, Quarantine, New World Order, Vaccinations etc.

I intend to publish a small book (around 80 pages) in February 2021 on the first year of the global pandemic.

I wish to encourage readers to engage in reflection/research and find ways to express your concern.

The book includes some of my blogs on Coronavirus in recent months. My concerns include:

  1. Health of oneself and others.
  2. Impact of lifestyle on the immune system and mental health
  3. Impact of stress on physical well-being
  4. Our relationship to the present/future – work, study, money, economy and living in the unknown.
  5. Our relationship to global issues – climate crisis, consumerism, poverty, fossil fuels, pollution, wars and environmental destruction.
  6. Is quarantine at home triggering psychological issues, including stress, aggression, loneliness, boredom, domestic violence, unhappy children, TV/social media/mobile addiction, collapse of social life and more?
  7. Can good quality face masks for use in public places save us from being bound to home?
  8. Can Global Pandemic figures and national figures remind us of the need for radical change to develop a healthy lifestyle rather than trigger more stress and fear?
  9. Will the intention of the pharmaceutical industry to inject everyone on Earth with a vaccine trigger more harm and conflict?
  10. What are the dangers of such a vaccine? Would yet another vaccination be harmful in the short or long for large categories of people, including young, elderly, sick and healthy?
  11. What is our response to powerful billionaires who desire to sit at the top of the social order?
  12. Why can’t  governments tax the super rich to help cover the economic costs of Covid 19?
  13. What is our response to Bill Gates (net worth: $102 billion) and his use of wealth and power to develop control of education and rule African agriculture through GM crops and patented seeds? What is our response to his campaign for worldwide vaccination and desire to reduce global population in Africa/Asia instead of global consumption of the much better off?
  14. What is our response to Elon Musk (net worth $115 billion) and his use of wealth and power to develop an implanted brain chip to interact the brain with machines and involvement with a German vaccination company, Cure Vac. He also wants to set up a colony of a million people on Mars by 2050 – a cold, uninviting planet, devoid of the richness of organic life. Who on Earth would want to live there?
  15. Is there a danger of a New World Order with widespread state/corporate control, domination and exploitation on a global basis?
  16. Is there a potential for a wise New World Order? This includes decentralisation of power, redistribution of wealth, cooperation between people, creatures and environment, a sustainable way of life, community and moderation of lifestyle.
  17. Food production. We need a massive increase in allotments and local farms to grow healthy grains/vegetables/fruit to reduce imported foodstuffs and its negative impact in mass production, shipping and distribution.
  18. We need to support and co-operate with small farmers and small industries worldwide for the benefit of local and regional communities.

A caring and active concern  giving confirmation to the truth of wise application of the inter-connected web of life takes priority.

We need to remember the importance of wise action to end suffering rather than bickering over details of differences of view


1 thought on “Global Pandemic. Issues to Address. Health, Stress, Quarantine, New World Order, Vaccinations etc.”

  1. Hi Christoffer,
    First of all a thank you for putting all this information together and thank you for being awake.
    Slowly slowly I see people losing energy and letting go of resisting new rules. The ‘new normal’ . Why do we take in this ugly piece of a rotten pie?
    So much anxiety. On the other hand I feel a strong call to shine and to expand our garden and invite more people to share with and learn about sustainable living. We all carry a great power to create to most beautiful things and jet we seem to be waiting what the next announcement and new law will be. No way. No waiting for me and us. We keep track as we did before covid. We are walking the path of insecurity and trust, knowing that we are fine, that we will be fine even when Bill Gates takes the rest of my money. I won’t give him my arm to put the vaccination in though. I’m healthy, I’m practicing mindfulness, I breath, I enjoy the sky at night, I shine my light when my battery is full. It’s prity charging now. My mind is not in fear these times. It’s sometimes checking if everything is alright in the front seat (where my heart is). Than I say, ‘thank you mind for being here. Everything is fine Take a look through the window at our garden. Today we will eat from it and so we will tomorrow. We need you later to make a good planning on our future cropss’. And the mind is happy with the decent action that is about to take place.

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