A fusion of a beautiful song and art. Listen and Watch ‘Vincent’ on YouTube

It happens.

A beautiful song, rich in poignant and poetic expression, meets with precious European art of the 19th century.

Singer and composer, Don McLean sings his song ‘Vincent’ – a deep appreciation to Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), the celebrated Dutch artist.

Van Gogh took up oil painting in the last nine years of his life. He produced more than 800 works of art using oils but only sold a single painting.

Earlier in his life, he turned to religion, Protestant Christianity and then turned away from the Church suffering with much depression and conflict.

Despite immense suffering due to years of psychotic episodes, he engaged in a prolific output of art using bold and bright colours of the outdoors including sunflowers and fields of wheat. He portrayed city and rural locations offering a deep glimpse into the way of life in Holland and France in the latter part of the 19th century.

Using water colours, his paintings conveyed the way of life of the poor, peasants, young and elderly. There are also self-portraits including the bandage around his head after cutting off his ear in a crazed period.

Aged 37, Van Gogh shot himself in the chest. He died two days later.

In the YouTube clip, you will see a selection of Van Gogh’s paintings meeting with the lyrics. View with full screen.

A thank you to the person who brought song and photos of the paintings together.

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