Eckhart Tolle is on the Rich Man’s List. Is this the price of enlightenment?

In August 2000, a meditator at the Spirit Rock Meditation Centre, Marin, California, kindly gave me a copy of The Power of Now (price $21.95) by Eckhart Tolle that had been published the year before. She told me she had bought a dozen copies to give to her friends. She wrote on the inside cover:

“Thank you, Christopher. I am grateful for your guidance and your support in my awakening.  May this book be a blessing to you.  It is changing my life.”

Many people worldwide express immense appreciation for the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle. His teachings have made a difference to people’s lives. He has the capacity to communicate his spiritual/psychological insights in ways that make much sense to those who follow his approach.

Within a few years of writing his first book, Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual teacher brought up in Germany, formerly worked in Britain and currently living in Canada, has become one of the best known spiritual teachers in the Western world offering retreats, public talks as well as appearing on various television programmes.  Millions have read one or more of his four books:


Published in 35 languages, these four books have gone onto sell some 12 million copies or more between them.  The cover of my 2009 copy of A NEW EARTH states “The 6 million-copy worldwide best seller.”

Mind the Gap

Is there a growing gap between the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and his immense wealth? Is this the price of enlightenment? Eckhart speaks regularly of the illusions people live in. But is he aware of the disillusionment that people feel when spiritual teachers become incredibly wealthy?

In October 2013, Eckhart and Kim Eng gave a five day retreat in Italy. His website said the retreat cost $995.00. I took a second breath when I saw the price for the retreat. And that was before I noticed the dreaded asterisk. On the asterisk below, it read:

*Tuition price only. Accommodations and meals package is additional.

Eckhart and Kim Eng charged $995.00 (£600, €725) for their tuition of participants for their five day retreat, plus sales of books, DVDs, calendars and so on. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out how much money they receive when a reported 500 attended. They could have made for themselves about half a million dollars in five days.

Participants booked through Eckhart Teachings to pay to stay in nearby hotels, ranging from $500 to $1000 for the five nights – a walking distance to the huge conference hall to listen to Eckhart. If participants make their own housing arrangements, then they pay Eckhart Teachings, a “commuter fee of $295 including meals and yoga mat.”

Eckhart gave a two day retreat in Australia in 2011 to hundreds of people. Eckhart charged $695.00 for two days of intuition. It’s seems to be a money spinning guide to enlightenment.

Eckhart charges individuals between the cheapest seats at £50 to £75 for the “platinum seats” to listen to him give a two talk with questions and answers. In an evening programme in a theatre in the East End of London in October 2013, more than 2500 people attended.   It meant that the commercial arm of Eckhart Teachings probably received around £150,000 gross from tickets sales, plus sales of his books, his DVDs, his calendars, cards etc. Costs include rent of the theatre for the evening etc.

Eckhart gives talks addressing the suffering of clinging to ownership. Yet, it is stated on his website: “Absolutely no recording devices of any kind are allowed at the retreat.” Eckhart Teachings keep a tight control over recorded access to his words.

The cover of The Power of Now tells readers that the book is a guide to spiritual enlightenment. For whom is this spiritual enlightenment? It would seem this enlightenment is for those with disposable income, mostly middle class people in their 50’s and older.

Exclusion of those with a low income

The door charges and retreat charges effectively exclude many teenagers, single mothers, the poor, the unemployed, the low income, backpackers, people in debt, people struggling to pay bills for sickness and the elderly living on a state pension. The cover of A New Earth tells us his book is to “create a better life.” For whom?

Around 13 million people or 20% of the population in Britain live below the poverty line. Far too many families have to choose between food and heat. Figures are probably similar in other Western countries.  The poor can’t afford to buy a CD or go to an Eckhart Tolle talk, let alone a retreat

Yes, his teachings are freely available on YouTube, as his followers regularly point out. This is welcome. Many benefit from watching his teachings on Youtube. There is a real difference between Youtube teachings and sitting in the same hall with a much-loved teacher. A wealthy man can offer the teachings from time to time for those in the low-income category. There is no substitute for being in the presence of a teacher. Direct oral teachings resonate deeply.

Why can’t wealthy spiritual teachers enable the poor to attend their live programmes? Are they obedient to the will of those who run their foundations and business enterprises?

The Business Company

Eckhart Tolle has established a huge worldwide commercial enterprise through his business company, Eckhart Teachings. Last month, Watkins Bookshop in London named Eckhart as the world’s second most influential spiritual teacher after the Dalai Lame and immediately ahead of Pope Francis.

Tolle’s highly successful commercial activities have put him firmly on the world’s RICH MAN’S LIST in the space of 15 years.

It is surely appropriate to question whether his growing personal wealth, and his desire for more, is compatible with his spiritual teachings.

If one of his books sells for roughly around $10.00, then then total  income from his books alone amounts to $120,000,000. Eckhart would receive a percentage (probably around 7.5% – 10%) of this from royalties.

His commercial activities in the UK alone include Eckhart Tolle TV Live Stream for six months. $99.65, New Earth Card Deck for £19.00, New Earth Calendar for £11.00, Inspirational Selections from A New Earth £18.00, Eckhart Tolle’s Findhorn Retreat (2 DVDs and a book). £27.00, Eckhart Tolle’s Music to Quiet the Mind £13.00, In the Presence of Mystery (Audio) £22.50 and much, much more. Bulk production of a DVD with box, label and inserted jacket costs less than a $ per item.

Some Eckhart Tolle fans will defend these substantial charges. Concerts and sports events cost much the same amount of money for the same amount of time so why should not a spiritual superstar charge top prices for admission? There is a difference. And it is a big difference. Entertainers and sports stars do not offer spiritual teachings on letting go, dropping desire, living without attachment, trusting in the now and enlightenment.

Data on Eckhart Tolle Foundation, classified as a religious organisations, provided by the IRS (Inland Revenue Service – US tax department)

Wealth and Spirituality

When asked about wealth and spirituality, Eckhart replied on YouTube:

“Many in traditional religions have renounced material things did not realise that they have not renounced desire in their mind. So they tried to suppress desire by having no possessions. The true renunciation is about attachment to which operates on an inner level.  It is the inner that matters.”

Mr Tolle lacks the experience and understanding of men and women living a life of intentional renunciation or a complete lack of interest in materialism. Monks, nuns, sadhus, swamis, spiritual communities, spiritual seekers, meditators and more explore a different way of life. His claim that those who live such a way of life are ‘trying to suppress their desire by having no possessions” tells us about a judgemental mind.

As a former Buddhist monk in the East, I would suggest Mr. Tolle spends some time in a monastery  to experience such a way of life. In my experience as a monk, there are very few ordained who suppress desires. The vast majority can’t see the point in a materialistic way of life and accumulation of wealth with death never far away.

Is Eckhart Tolle honestly trying to claim that he has renounced desire while desiring to charge exorbitant tuition fees to listen to him? Some of those renunciates in religious traditions, who have little or no possessions, include such Buddhist monks as the Dalai Lama and Venerable Thich Nhat Hahn, the fourth most popular spiritual teacher in the Watkins Bookshop list. Another renunciate from the Christian tradition, Pope Francis chooses to live in simple rooms in the Vatican.

In A New Earth (page 46), Eckhart writes about the problem of the ego. “I don’t have enough yet” by which the ego really means “I am not enough yet.”

“Having  – the concept of ownership – is a fiction created by the ego… Wanting keeps the ego alive much more than having. It is an addictive need….

“The thought forms of me and mine…I want, I need ….pertain not to content but to the structure of the ego.”

Fine words, Mr. Tolle. You have made $millions in the last 15 years. Do you really need to own so much money? Why do you still want to make even more money?

May I humbly suggest that you reflect on your insightful words for your readers on page 99: “My God. Is this what I have been doing? Once you see what you have been doing or are doing, you also see its futility and the unconscious pattern, then comes to an end by itself. Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”

  • Please explain to your many followers how your desires and needs to make so much money from your talks, retreats and commercial sales contribute to a new Earth.
  • Please let your followers know what you do with your immense wealth?
  • Do you use your money to create a better life for people?
  • If so, what organisations, trusts, charities do you give to?
  • Do you invest you invest your money in the financial markets? If so, which?
  • Do you leave your money in your bank? If so, why?

If the thought of such transparency is too difficult for you to handle, then I have a small suggestion.

The Power of Donation

Mr. Tolle, You are on the world’s Rich Man List. You are very wealthy. From now on, please offer all  or many of your public talks and retreats on the basis of dana  (a Pali word meaning the act of giving, the offering of a donation) and minimise the price of your books, cards, calendars etc. Your wealthy devotees will still give you a generous reward for your fine teachings.

The Buddha spoke frequently of the power of dana. Dana covers many aspects of the inner life:

  • An important aspect of spiritual enlightenment 
  • The power to let go 
  • The practise of generosity 
  • To abide in trust 
  • To be free from greed 
  • To end measuring of one’s worth through fixing a charge 
  • To live without desire for financial security in the future 
  • To see through egoic needs and identification with wealth 
  • To show compassion to many people with financial hardship 
  • To treat teachings as truly priceless 
  • To support creating a better life for everybody.

Your teachings have given much support to the spiritual journey of your followers. You deservedly receive a lot of goodwill from people. You can make a contribution towards developing trust in spiritual teachers and their teachings. Your practise of dana would dispel the growing widespread disillusionment with spiritual teachers who accumulate vast sums of money. This is not a hair-shirt philosophy but an act of kindness and support for all regardless of their financial status.

If you developed trust in dana, you would show to yourself and your followers the power of now to let go of old desires. I am sure you would agree.

Note to Readers.  This is a critique of the fusion of spirituality with accumulation of immense wealth. There is no intention to deter readers from listening to Eckhart Tolle on YouTube or reading his books.

May all beings understand the Timeless –

unbound to the past,

unbound to the now

and unbound to the future.

PS.  I wrote the blog in 2014. At that time, his wealth was estimated at $15,000,000.  In 2021, the net worth of Eckhart Tolle is currently $80,000,000 according to the website.

The global pandemic has currently blocked the opportunity for all, regardless of income, to attend public events of spiritual teachers, and others. The wealthy and the poor unite on YouTube.

381 thoughts on “Eckhart Tolle is on the Rich Man’s List. Is this the price of enlightenment?”

  1. Enlightenment is the acceptance of all without Judgement. I would say the author needs to spread love not fear. It is a fearful article that has no value as it is an attack, which means it is written by an ego. Nothing is bad or good in ultimate reality. It is a very human thing to judge a man for making money. Please don’t let your mind run away with this article and get lost in the negative energy projected from it. Live by what Eckhart teaches and then you will have no concern for worldly matters like money. I bless the author and wish him well on his journey.

    1. I’ve been trying to imagine an Eckhart Tolle talk where he charged, like, 5 bucks a head/soul/seat. It would create a secondary/scalping market. People who aren’t at all interested in spiritual teachings would buy as many as they could, even with the various safeguards put in place to prevent it. Probably better that the $ goes to Sounds true and the ET foundation. Also it is probably the wealthy westerners who are most identified with their thoughts and therefore most need his teachings.

      1. This is not true. Many classes put prerequisites to cut off resale market. There also can be a condition set that only credit card used to buy a ticket can be used to enter the event. There are ways to cut out resellers. Truth is that he doesn’t want to accept anyone but wealthy. Should a working single parent sacrifice his child’s nutrition and clothing to listen to the guru? Mr tolle keeps talking about having it hard when he was young. But seems like he has all forgotten about it and now caters to people who are well off. I personally can afford his retreat. But why would I go listen? If this thing he does goes against all he supposedly stands for, is there truth in the rest of it? Hiw you do anything is how you do everything

  2. sour grapes, All successfull people have to endure such sour grapes. Someone is always worried about someone when they are successfull. They may even hate you although they dont know you. Sour grapes. Or just to increase your blog count because this increase your own wealth so you will say anything for your count. Unfortunately I also fell into that trap now.

    1. Yes. I would add that £15m would get you very far in London in terms of buying and maintaining a property. I do believe that Tolle does not attach to his ‘wealth’. I smile at the people that say that you have to be fairly wealthy to benefit from his message. I’m not wealthy at all (some might disagree?) and was introduced to The Power of Now by being given a free copy by a friend! Most of his message is available free on line of course. Tolle never says that his message is the only way to living in the present and sites many others. What makes Tolle different is his accessibility and his ability to translate the ancient message to the ‘modern’, plastic obsessed gadget world – which will pass of course!

    2. When I think of someone having spiritual enlightment I think of Jesus who lived humbley. Eckart contradicts this and it places doubt in people’s mind. If he was honest about enjoying the financial fruits of his enlightment it would sit better with many people

  3. Tolle isn’t enlightened, just as the Dalai Lama is not a Buddha. For one, Tolle doesn’t really practice what he preaches. His alleged “enlightenment” can be credited to the German school system and the suicide club know as “academia”. He never practiced “the power of now”, and neither should you. His “enlightenment” came from years of “practicing” being a suicidal depressive. Shame on his editors for publishing this drivel and for not catching this glaring contradiction.

        1. There’s really no need for rudeness and insults. All we get these days is an “I’m right and you’re wrong” attitude, and that doesn’t help anyone.
          I think Eckhart’s philosophy of living in the ‘now’ is absolutely right, I also think it is totally unnecessary for him to charge such a lot to attend his lectures and retreats. This surely can only be greed, and this tells me not to take him too seriously, and not to have any naive admiration for the man.

  4. Thank you for giving awareness to this truth. This is something that has always crossed my mind. I see a lot of people here are defensive, eckhart tolle fans and their egos refuse to acknowledge what you have written

    In my opinion I am a fan of Eckhart Tolle. He talks a lot of sense and really speaks truth and honesty in his books. I do belive he is awakened

    The spiritual Industry is worth a billion dollars. People are suffering and they will do anything to get out of it. People are quick to become deluded aswell and believe that they have no Found ‘ye truth ‘ But are insecure in said truth. This is why you have a lot defensive and negative comments on this blog.

    In my opinion, a lot of people see Tolle as a God. See Buddha as a God. These people are not Gods, they are just as human as you are me and what their teachings Teach is recognise the God within you. To feel equanimity and recognise that the notion one superior Inferior better worse is all delusion

    I see a lot of people condemning money. Money is not evil. Money simple is. It is neutral. Let go of the sterotype that to have a lot of money is somehow greedy or wrong. No, people are greedy and people are wrong. What they do with money and their attitudes towards it reflection them, not money Itself. Many people who renounce all of their possesions have bigger egos then those that have not. Superioty and Inferiority, its a mechanism. Tolle Teaches this. The content varies

    However what I will say is in this spiritual self Help Industry there are a lot of crooks. Its unhappy lost people that are in this, hence the crooks. For me, I have always Found it disappointing that the teachings of Tolle and Adyashanti are quite Elusive. You have to Pay download or buy a book or search through Youtube. Are they profiting from their teaching? Absolutely there is no doubt. Are they being altruistic giving that money to people in need? Well as the blogger says, the transparency is rather limited. But on the other hand, we can day that as a Teacher aiding the awakening of people,they have already done their duty to mankind.

    I just think the delusion of people will always offer Spirituality and make it another game for the ego. Tolle is rich as people worship him. No doubt hes an amazing intellectual man but as I said earlier, he Teaches equanimity.

    Do I think These Teachers should make their teachings more freely available? Absolutely. This whole spiritual Retreat thing to me I find rather ridiculous. But if its something that helps man to awaken then definitely do so

    Tolle fans, all im saying is let go if delusion and look up and weigh up the facts. Hes selling uoi guys the truth and its benefitting you and he is accumulating wealth. Is accumulation of wealth bad? No as I said as people are bad, not wealth. But definitely,I belive he should offer some teachings for free. Certain music artists like J cole will do a concert for a dollar, they have a love of their poor people and want them to experience events they otherwise could not see.

    I just think as people in this spiritual realm, we definitely have a right to question our Teachers. I liked your blog, thank you

    1. “Enlightenment is its own currency – priceless, free and plenty for all”, well spoken my friend! And, for all the naysayers regarding Tolle…relax…his form comes and goes just as everyones. I personally don’t think living like a pauper is much of an example to mankind when in fact, we can manifest just about anything we desire. This person writing about Tolle’s wealth seems to have little understanding about universal law and its cause and effect. He should learn these principles and then give away all his wealth and keep quiet at the same time. We don’t need to hear about how wonderful he is.

  5. you got to be kidding! leave aside the message and focus on the money? Do you not grasp the message? Is it diminshed because millions are grateful for hearing the message and paying to read and listent to it and to experience Eckhart in person? Nothing else to say. Sine you do not seem to understand this, no further comment

  6. We don’t complain when we pay for food or any of the other items we consume and invert ably many of the sellers become wealthy. Do you have a right to ask what they all do with the money? Do you think they should all stop charging once they have enough money?
    Tolle had transformed my life and in gratitude I paid for the books. There are many free hours of Tolle on YouTube. I’m happy to pay to see him talk if it were free I would not get a seat. Be grateful and not allow jealousy to come which is egoic.

  7. Murray Feldman

    HI Christopher. Poonjaji once said people tell me I should charge, but what I teach is priceless so I cannot put a financial price on it. If it was not priceless I could charge.

    1. True!
      ‘To him who understands no explanation is necessary. To him who does not understand no explanation is possible.’
      Or as Rumi said …`The inspiration you seek is already within you .Be silent …and listen.`

  8. I appreciate your article. Having been part of the spiritual/self-help community for years (including reading Tolle’s books), I am genuinely starting to question the need to pay so much for answers that already lie within. Like anything else in Western society, self-help can become an addiction — one that I often find is linked with a sense of eliticism/being in the club, a fear of missing out, and the need to continue seeking and buying products. I am currently unemployed and in some ways it’s been a blessing as I simply have not had the extra funds to “invest in myself” as most of these spiritual teachers like to call it. Instead, I have realized that investing in myself means having the ability to pay rent, buy food, and take care of my needs well before paying for another spiritual program. I am, however, of two minds about this. For one, I would never expect to see a doctor for free or to go to the grocery store without paying. It just makes sense to pay someone for their time and expertise when I will benefit from it. Also, there are production costs for books, people who I’m sure are paid employees of Tolle’s who help put on these retreats, and other related costs such as lighting, heating, and rental costs for the spaces he teaches in. I also know from personal experience that many times when I’ve gotten free courses, I have not bothered to take them as seriously or even complete them, as I do with things I pay for. I suppose the real question is how much (above simply breaking even) is enough? I am currently a Reiki Master and I do free Reiki sessions every week in addition to offering paid services. I think there should be more options for people who genuinely can’t afford to pay for spiritual teachings and especially when one is as popular and wealthy as Tolle is, it would be hoped that he would give at least one free conference per year to an underserved community. Frankly, I’m fed up with constantly being told that to get to “the next level” in my spirituality I need to pay for it. Trust Westerners to bastardize everything, though. I don’t blame Tolle or individual spiritual teachers, but I do blame our society for placing such a high price on everything at the exclusion of many. Thankfully, I am blessed with having spiritual teachers in my life who think along my lines and who are generous and affordable with their offers, whether free or paid. One day I hope we can get rid of money completely as these gross inequalities are incredibly damaging to us all.

  9. I really find Eckhart’s teachings profoundly helpful. I have over the years re-subscribed when I have felt the need to have some direct current teachings due to difficult circumstances and so on. This morning, I was going to re-subscribe after a long period and I changed my mind…. I feel the change in the subscription options, the limited download of 3 hours, the massive prices for retreats etc have left me with an unpleasant sense of ‘spiritual materialism’ having manifested with the growth of Eckhart’s fame. It just didn’t sit right in me to re-subscribe. He is after all just a person with a great gift of conveying authentic spiritual teachings that emerged after his shift in consciousness. Unfortunately, I do get a sense that money and fame has created a blind-spot within him. For me, the teaching is not being put it into practise with regard to money and that is very sad. There is no reason to charge so much money, and all the more reason to make the range of teachings available at lower cost to far more people who can’t afford his prices, particularly in today’s world, dominated as it is by greed, power and austerity. The gold silver platinum seat concept is just ridiculous. Would the Buddha or Jesus hae set up a system like this? No. It’s common spiritual sense that there is a blind-spot here in Eckart and it must cause many people to doubt the integrity of the teachings which is a pity.

  10. I was raised in a situation that made me aware of Jesus. I appreciate some of the wisdom from the teachings of Jesus. Jesus said “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” matthew 19:24. A capitalist would figure out a way to interpret this differently than I do. I understand this to mean, wealth can corrupt righteousness (or goodness).
    Eckhart talks about Jesus quite a lot too. I feel that greed is possibly the biggest sin. As Eckhart says to sin means “to miss the mark” to miss the point of life. We are not here to accumulate wealth. Wealth and greed go together. Greed and sin go together.
    Another passage: Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” matthew 19:21 I do not understand heaven to be a place we go if we are good when we die, I understand it as the same as enlightenment, in the now. Let me replace the quotes with enlightenment.

    “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to be enlightened.”

    “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in enlightenment. Then come, follow me.”

    Can one be enlightened with so much distraction and possession? I don’t know. Eckhart talks a good game. Remember, he is an intellectual (went to school). He studies well. Is anything he says from his experience or is he regurgitating the truth of the spiritual teacher he studied? I do not know. Is he a con artist? i do not know. When I saw how much the retreats cost, I felt jaded, I became disillusioned. I actually had the response that made me laugh out loud, this came to me; “the only truth is that everyone is lying.”
    I am a fool, a sinner, who wants to believe. If anyone is a fan of the Beatles, think of when they went to india to learn meditation. They became disillusioned by their yogi teacher who they felt “made a fool of everyone” Sexy Sadie is a song about it. This Tolle debate, sounds very similar to that situation where a man set out to be enlightened but became corrupted, missed the mark.
    The good news is, people can change, find their way again. i will keep looking.

  11. ps.
    and about all those vulgar sophistry about money, mental not material … well, they deserve only a funeral pyre.
    But I can not blame them all the way. A person who leads the mob does it because he knows that people have no brain, hence can be guided. He know how to manipulate them. And between a manipulator as a Trump and and one as Tolle does not pass any difference except field and skill.
    I just would like to be english speaker or speak better this language and don’t love so much to be anonymous, because on the contrary I just want to upload my voice on youtube and fight them all.

    1. Well and truthfully said. But in fact, it is not about the bloodsucker at the end, but about the souls of the dumb masses, blind sheep followers….
      to each their own

  12. It is quite obvious that no ””spiritual”” ”””””’teacher””””” (I need thousands of these) will admit ‘yes of course, I will preach just for money’.
    I go nuts very fast with this argument. I vote myself for the most intolerant person ever born. ‘Cause I hate and repeat HATE those damn-called ‘ gurus’ who preach all this bullshit and meanwhile become as rich as a pile of elephant’s shit, and with the same disgusting smell. Hypocritical bastards. How many believe that remain standing to preach free? tell me, how many.
    This envy that eats away us at the same time is the ultimate proof that what we are saying it’s true. Because we understand that there is a great inconsistency behind them, and that is easy to talk to these conditions. Take also Osho for example. At least he was much more intelligent than anyone else, because he has always admitted his richness, for example his 90 rolls-royce. But all these cunning people who just wants to become more and more rich doing what they know that people wants to hear… and, again, how many of them wants their ‘pupils’ become independent, and how many always following them like never growing up children?
    Easy to preach with such empire behind. Easy to talk about happiness when you become more and more rich. And even if they start from a low condition, that fact they don,t swim the whole life in misery and pain is another proof they are inconsistent people. I want to listen to homeless and suffering people preach like that, and always from that state. Maybe at that level I could really embrace their words.

  13. Is this not an attempt by the ego to discredit a power which is threatening “it”? Buddhists have many priceless temples, that they will burn to the ground if there would be no wood left to burn in the winter for warmth.
    If the richest unenlightened despicable person in the world would sell you the key to enlightenment, would you not take it? The message in itself is objective, it has nothing to do with the person who gives it.
    If you ride a bicycle to work, and you’ve got the wind in your back, would you step off and walk because hurricane winds in some other parts of the world destroy villages?
    Even a devil could water a plant and it would still flourish. Do you think that because your ego sees itself as good, that you can judge others about their lives?

    It doesn’t matter where information comes from, how poor or rich, good or bad, this person is. If you take Tolle’s teachings to heart, you can shape your own world just the way you like it. You can watch all his work on YouTube for free. Who cares what he makes. Be free of all attachments.

    1. Eckhart Tolle is a far way from enlightenment. A spiritual teacher, maybe, but enlightened, no way!! He did not really even wake up yet.

    2. Thanks for your insightful “enlightened” comment. It saved me from having to write it, myself! The anger (envy?) I read between the lines of all those who self-righteously criticize (condemn?) Eck (nice nickname, ey?) shows that his teachings haven’t been working on them. If it were, they would be feeling compassion for his backsliding, instead of meting out mean-spirited tongue lashings. Don’t conflate the message with the man. Take what’s good and discard the rest. How do you know you wouldn’t do the same in his tassled slip-ons? As long as we reside in flesh, blood and bone and have a mind (ego), we will never be assured of a permanent perch on the thrown of enlightenment. There are forces, such as money, also poised–to knock us off, first chance they get. Enlightenment is hard won and hard kept. Take the log out of your own eye before you go poking your fingers in Eck’s or anyone else’s.

      1. taking the message and disgarding the rest is only good if he practised what he preaches. you may have differences in particular details and may “discard the rest”, but when someone talks about absolute freedom and yet buries himself with truck loads of money, how do you know his teaching will work for you? why do you take it all for granted just because hearing them makes you feel good?

        i can sympathize with those who defend him so hard. it takes balls of steel to actually practise the teachings, sit on the cushion and meditate for years, face your inner demons and experience true freedom within yourself. it’s easier just to pay the man and hear him talk.

  14. Are you saying that you can’t be spiritual and wealthy?
    How do you know for sure how many people he employs through his company to assist with the creation and delivery of the retreats, books DVD’s etc.

    And people need to pay to see the Dalai Lame. I realise the money doesn’t go to him, however there is still a charge involved which excludes the groups you mentioned.

  15. Roxana Bestrin Fuentes

    I came across ET during a critical period of my life when I was both spiritually collapsed and without money after a failed business. A therapist I saw at the time, who understood well my situation did a very kind and useful thing, she gave me the links to download his first two books for free. She said his teachings had transformed her own life for the better and she was convinced they would help me too. She wasn’t wrong. She also told me some powerful messages to support me in my journey; there is always a cure, and the answer you seek can be found within. As such, I didn’t need to go back to her, and spend more money that I didn’t have. Neither I have ever had to pay for any of ET’s books or video recordings, as much of his work available for free on the internet and libraries. The books I have seen on sale have been affordable. I’m sure that attending his public lectures is expensive but to me it seems to be the norm with all public events due to production costs.

  16. Sadly some “savvy” marketers (among whom is Kim Eng) have latched onto Tolle’s popularity, and are now (quite ironically) exploiting said popularity for maximum material advantages. Tolle was weak in resisting his mind’s determination to accept the advances of these marketers. Rather than anchor himself in the now, Tolle let the gravitational pull of riches run his life. Sad.

    Two points, however. First, Tolle’s insight about the exclusive reality of the present moment is not negated by his fall back into materialism. I can speak from personal experience that there is power in the now. It is the only power.

    Secondly, Tolle’s fall is an illustration of how seductive the future is. We should all take a lesson from this. No matter how thoroughly we think we have put our being in order, there is always a danger of seduction back into allowing our minds to run our lives.

    If Tolle’s message is so important for humanity, it seems Tolle should have given it out for free. There are a number of other teachers who do just that. Surprisingly (and perhaps not), the present moment seems to provide for them. They are not wealthy, but they are also not destitute. People who benefit from their teaching manage to donate enough to make it possible for these teachers to continue their work. A number of these teachers put out enormous amounts of material on the internet (YouTube, in particular) for free. Tolle should consider doing likewise. Currently his marketers shut down anyone who “infringes the copyrights”.

  17. Thank you for addressing this subject. It has bothered me for a very long time. I have never known exactly how to explain it. The first thing people usually say is, ” What’s wrong with people making money for helping other people?” I am highly suspect of accumulating great wealth at the expense of desperate hurting people. There is something wrong with this picture. It has become Big Business. Yes, I think it breaksc Spiritual Laws. One place that I thought I would like to go for help was $9000.00 dollars for a month. $300.00 a day. I almost fell out of my chair. Another author that seemed to be quite legit and the help sounded like it might be very beneficial told me she was very expensive and I would not be able to afford her. She was right, again I was left with a sinking feeling that something had gone very wrong in our understanding of what “helping” our fellow man really means. In my Prayers I kept asking for clarification on this subject thinking perhaps I was jealous or resentful because I didn’t have the money to purchase this help. And maybe I was but one day the answer came, ” These people are Spiritual Wizards of Oz,” not only did it make sense but I realized we support them. At this writing I am convinced that things of the Spirit are not for sale simply because these things do not belong to any person to give or withhold. It is breaking a Spritual Law and they will learn that in their own way and time. Again thanks you for daring to bring this up. It bothered me for a very long time.

  18. Eckhart is an amazing person and a powerful teacher. People pay 200$/week to see a therapist, and do so for decades. Tolle’s teaching is able to help people almost overnight, which many experienced. I attended his seminars and they are really great. Many people don’t realize that the cost that Eckhart pays for space, sound, location, is usually very high too.
    I have lived an abundant, rich life and decided to change it and to live with poor people, in such a community. I believed that poor people are better, because money ‘is not good’. I had a rude awakening. People are people and poverty does not make people better.

  19. As Eckhart would say on this subject, it is the identification with wealth as to who you are that is the problem, not wealth itself. Wether you identify yourself as wealthy or poor, both are not who you really are. If Eckhart is secretly laughing all the way to the bank, then the joke is on him. But I can tell from what he says and the way he says it, that he is sincere and aware of the pitfalls success has on the Ego.

  20. I have bought echart Tolley books for a few quid on Amazon and listened to his talks on you tube through my internet connection . We dont need know why echart tolley makes money because it doesn’t matter . Why is receiving money wrong ? Money is only a bad thing when it’s in the hands of an unconscious person . Money isn’t a need for echart. If it was he wouldn’t have gave up his job and slept in a park for a long period of time. He doesn’t desire money . He could live with or without it but his choice just now is to accept it. He has a gift and if people want to pay money to go see him then it is their choice .

    1. Amen. Simple as that. If he’s really hurting your heart so much – why do people listen or care to write an entire article on the subject? Well, I think the reason is clear.

  21. Here’s the thing. He is speaking truth. This is why it is selling. If he is not acting in accordance that is secondary. As you move through the different stages of awakening you see the truth in words that reflect your experiences of mindful attentiveness. If a portion of himself is still unconscious, and that piece of self that he is still clung to is seeking material wealth, then that is the case. I can see how it could potentially dissuade people who can’t already see at least some of his truth but such is simply how it is. You can’t blame the unconscious portion of his mind. “Hey you, you SHOULD be a better teacher!”… Like any religious text where there is a complex mythos used to explain the truth in things. “If you could just say the lesson more people would see it. You SHOULD have been written better!” Stop judging the lacking consciousness in anything. Stop waiting for the perfect anything, including spiritual teacher. Accept all that is, as it is, and then quietly listen within. Love you all

  22. Eckhart Tolle is an example of the level of abundance that can happen when you are fully aligned with your truth and you allow the universe to work through you. Look at Oprah! She has spoken often about how she dreamed a dream for herself by aligning with her essence…and realized the universe had a bigger dream for her…which included more beauty and spaciousness in the world of form…which manifested as a beautiful home. These teachers are wonderful examples of how abundance can work. Eckhart is helping millions and he’s receiving back what he’s putting out. As above, so below. Some teachers don’t believe they should live with abundance reflected in they don’t….and again…it’s as above, so below as reflected in their experience. I frankly don’t care what anyone does with their money. It’s their money! Good for them!

  23. I think the practice of “dana” is a bit unrealistic for a world famous author like Tolle who doesn’t do that many lectures or retreats. Too many people would abuse that and claim to be poor just to see this famous person. That would be more suited for a non-famous teacher with a small following.

    Just a thought: Maybe he doesn’t like the lectures to be filmed out of respect for the attendees who may not want others to film them and possibly put them on YouTube without their consent.

  24. Wow, sour grapes much?

    I sort of understand your apprehension, because Tolle does have a lot of money now.

    Our tax dollars support the libraries that lend books for free to “the poor.” I’ve seen Tolle’s books on the shelves there – constantly. They’re always there. So it looks like “the poor” aren’t beating down the doors to learn philosophy and the techniques to do the long, hard practice of evolving the mind for personal growth. Which is weird because I see a lot of them at the Mall’s nail salon, or buying cigarettes or booze or formula for their constant stream of illegitimate kids (I know they’re not all like that, but studies show that many are), so I know many have some way to get out of their houses and get stuff if they want it, and some extra cash. You can even do intra-library loans if they don’t have the exact book you want. I bet most of “the poor” can somehow afford cable/satellite TV, cell phones, fast food and junk food. When I was poor I made soup with tons of veggies all the time so I could eat, and eat healthy so I could help prevent illness.

    Lectures and retreats, like calendars with pretty pics on them, a deck of cards with book quotes on them, and fancy bookmarkers are a LUXURY. You ruin your credibility by comparing apples to oranges by asking who can afford his teachings. And no, I don’t think the poor deserve luxuries. I can afford luxuries now after years of hard work but I still rarely choose to waste my money on them. I’d rather give the money to charities and do volunteer work instead of watch TV.

    I’d love to know your thoughts on Thich Nhat Hanh’s recent begging of his followers to pay for his medical treatment after his recent stroke? Do you feel the rich doctors should treat him for free or TNH should just suck it up and live totally helpless and unable to care for himself for the rest of his life? But it doesn’t look like you’re interested in hearing other people’s points of view, so I doubt you’re reading these. At least – unlike most people – TNH has and always has had a giant flock of monastic attendants (i.e., free caretakers), a bunch of cooks to make him his super healthy extra-special diet for his sensitive tummy (Yeah, I was there years ago and he doesn’t eat what we all ate), and lives in a giant estate in wine country in the south of France, so he can have pleasant surroundings. To be poor with little or no help is terrifying, as is living in a loud, violent ghetto with no nearby shops to buy healthy food. I would never recommend to people in today’s high-tech age to choose to be poor unless for some reason they enjoy having a really hard life.

    What is the exact right amount of money to have? One million? Five? How do you know E.T. doesn’t give to charity? Isn’t it considered more spiritual to do your giving privately and anonymously? How much does it cost to rent the big rooms and pay all the staff where he gives his lectures and the places he gives retreats? How much of his own money do you think he should pitch in for other people’s luxuries? Or should he just not offer them at all?

    RE: Your statement that spiritual people are not supposed to have ownership: If homeless people decided to squat in the house or car you own, what would be your reaction? If you published books would you be okay with other writers passing off your work as theirs?

    I don’t know what the answer is. I do see what you mean a bit, but it’s a tricky situation. He has a right to get paid for his work just like “non-spiritual” people do. And I don’t agree that he should offer luxury products at a discount. And except for starving students, most first world country poor just aren’t that interested in philosophy, so I don’t know if him giving free books would be popular either. I don’t even see many poor at the free meditation classes Buddhist monks offer. Go figure… You’d think they’d be first in line to improve their lives. But I guess like energy attracts like energy thoughts, ideas, impulses, etc. And again, we don’t know how much he gives to charity. Even poor people often give a tiny bit (I often see them put change in The Salvation Army pot around Christmas), so I’d be quite surprised if Eckhart Tolle didn’t give even more.

      1. Yeah that’s exactly what he’s doing… lying – cheating -stealing from all of us. He’s as crooked as they come and you’re paranoid and delusional.

      2. He’s “lying”? You don’t know that. You sound as if you covet his achievements. When you make such a huge and profound impact, as Eckhart does, it is impossible not to make money ( especially in our society). Are you giving what you can to thepoor of your time, your assists, your talents? All for free? If not, then whynot? Give what you can then and live what you are saying if you truly feel this way. Otherwise your envy is speaking.

  25. I trust the peaceful and wise place from which you ask for dana to be expressed in ET’s experience. This is the most beautiful gift you can offer a very gifted man.

  26. It’s no big deal for spiritual people to be rich but Tolle is a professional spiritualist lecturing off the back of many traditions- Hindu, Buddhist and Sufi. He has whole sale Borrowed many teachings without sourcing or referencing. These teachings are nice words and unshackle many knotted souls which is good – but the spiritual path is tough, danger ever present . It is a discipline won through grace of God and personal aspiration. It manifests as service to others and a deep love for others.

    The real spiritual teachers have run orders, sacred sites. They take care of others in ADDITION to their commitment as a spiritual teacher as the two are indivisible . Tolle is ultimately a cleverly marketed product . He is selling insight and sells it for a good fair price .
    Real teachers teach , nurture and cultivate their followers through to maturity and inspiration . I see none of that with this man.

    Like all frauds he is ultimately self deceiving- a product of – and an opportunist in – the New Age Wave which is selling very old wine in fashionable new bottles .

    The critics above may be too harsh but the spiritual path is tough, relentless and had no time for hypocrisy conscious or unconscious .

    Tolle talks the talk but until he shows real signs of walking the walk forget not the traditions that cultivate these fine words in a fine way of living . And step out on your own path with a real living breathing teacher.

    1. @Daemon

      RE: “Tolle is a professional spiritualist lecturing off the back of many traditions- Hindu, Buddhist and Sufi. He has whole sale Borrowed many teachings without sourcing or referencing.”

      Yeah, learning from the teachings of others is pretty much how “education” works…

      …Buddha learned from Vedantic teachings, Jesus disappeared for years and all of a sudden was spouting Eastern ideas so many assume he went up The Silk Road and studied in India like anyone interested in that subject back then would have done, Yogananda learned from the people who wrote The Gita, The Upanishads, and others books, etc, etc…

      And Tolle often says where he got his info. A lot of spiritual stuff is universal with enlightened masters so it would be hard to recall and take a long time to mention them all.

      This is The Third Millennium, so I don’t agree with you about what “real teachers” do or don’t do today. Everyone does not want to lead a monastery especially if they’re married like he is and likes a lot of peace and quiet in his daily life even if he does do occasional talks. Many people want a quiet life. I don’t think teachers of this subject, something you could also label “psychology” should live some unusually unpleasant-to-their personal preferences, restrictive lifestyle.

      Many of Tolle’s lectures are available for free on YouTube and can be accessed for free on library computers, so it’s not vital that he travel and talk in person more than he’s comfortable with. It’s a different world today and it’s silly to compare today’s people with Bronze Age ones.

    2. He is not”lecturing off the backs”, of anyone. Don’t you know that all spiritual teachers teach the same thing? Of course. How could it be otherwise? Eckhart just finds a way to make it make sense to a western society. Big accomplishment you know.

  27. Christopher: I do not find a link to your full income statement, and how you spend it, e.g. $100 a week for food, $20 for porn downloads, $20 for petrol, etc. ? Did I miss it somewhere? You owe your readers this openness, given that you insist that Mr Tolle give you a full accounting of his financial position.

    So the idea of money looms big in your mind. There is something in you that regrets his power and his reach. Might it not be better you spent more time looking at Tolle’s ideas, rather than using these as weapons against him?

    It would be nice to have your statement of income and assets and your various dispositions!

  28. Although I am also troubled when someone appears to have amassed great wealth, I think it is important to think about what it actually means to “have” such wealth. the truth is that money is not a real thing. it is a kind of power — a power to purchase or to invest. if you don’t know what someone has DONE with their wealth, I don’t think you can know whether it is good or bad that they have it. It does not mean that it is being used on personal consumption. If I had a billion dollars, might I not invest it in various beneficial ventures? Participating in an economy does not mean that you must succomb to greed. Investing and spending money can also be a way of sharing money, because you have now transferred it to another person. Further, how do you know that he has not donated all of the money that has come in? I don’t think you can deduce from the mere fact that money is charged that from there it flows into a place that will produce evil. I think you need quite a lot more facts before you can know that.

    Money may well be the root of all evil, but that does not actually mean that all money produces evil!

  29. Emmanuel lazzara

    My friend, I don’t know you, but I feel this article is very misguided and misleading. I kindly advise you to really assess the state of consciousness out of which this article came, and the unobserved motives behind it. I would also suggest you give some serious consideration to whether you want such an article to pollute what is meant to be, from a look of it, a blog on Buddhism. Blessings

  30. The level of the student attracts the same in the teacher and the level of the teacher can only attract the student deserving the teachers level.

    There are countless authors making money on partial information. Countless spiritual teachers who abuse power, money, sex.

    Teachers likes of Eckhart Tolles and Chopras are attracting the students who are willingly giving their money, time, power, and thoughts. Perhaps they rationalize it that they are giving and receiving better value than porn, movies, sports, theatre tickets or trusting their faith on lottery tickets – relying on chance. The belief that there is something or someone outside of selves to give riches or enlightenment.

    If the teacher is false and they attract the multitude of student’s who are the vibrational match! The teacher gets them where they are most vulnerable and they feel ok about it thinking that is the Bodhisattva’s way.

    It only leaves us more enslaved to this samsara and having to repeat this patterns countless times. Meanwhile the teaching thinking he is so clever, with the 15 million and millions of books sold, and thousands of students filling the stadiums.

    1. I’ve read Eckhart Tolle’s books and seen him give talks all for free after I clicked onto YouTube or joined a library. Doesn’t life give us all many, many options? The original writer of this stream appears to dictate how we all should act and positions himself as a moral authority who categorically endorses one course of action for Tolle and one for every spiritual seeker. Thankfully each one of us is allowed to make our own choices. When I complain about someone else’s money ethics aren’t I essentially complaining about my own money ethics? When I criticize someone for having too much money am I not feeling deprived and questioning why I have so little? When I rant about someone else’s greed isn’t that a reflection of my own issues with greed? Each of us is not an island, we are a mirror.

      1. Emmanuel lazzara

        Totally agree with your comment. If I wanted to listen to Eckhart’s teachings I could do so without having to spend a penny. Well technically that’s not true; i’d have to pay for an internet connection, since all of his essential teachings are on YouTube…..

        1. Eckart Stole put just 4 or 6 minutes ‘demo’ videos y Youtube, like a good salesman, because the full conference is for payment and cost around 100 usd

  31. Matthias Muenzer

    you cant be serious with this cheap, cheap shot?! It is rdiculous to blame someone for success on a superficial level only! Words actually fail me to describe how low and misguided this is, and it is most certinly not worth of a Buddhist, the supposed follower of an enlightened man who received great riches during his lifetime – money, real estate, monasteries, subsidies etc. Don’t tell me you are going to blame Buddha for that as well? Did you forget about that?
    How about realizing what Tolle is actually communicating. That seems to have completely escaped you. Look into that.

    1. I bought his book for less than 20$ and it completely changed my life. It is a cheap cheap price to pay. If he is making a lot of money it is because he is providing a lot of value to a lot of people.
      What I learned from him is priceless.

  32. Eckhart’s videos on youtube are freely available, and there is absolutely NO NEED to PAY to attend his retreats.
    About just over two years ago, I embarked upon my spiritual awakening, beginning with Gregg Braden, followed by Louise Hay, followed by Neville Goddard and now I listen to Eckhart on Youtube. Eckhart’s gentle voice, demeanour and his words of wisdom have helped me to try to be conscious of now and here. To allow oneself to be bothered, troubled about what this person or that person did or said to ME is just FUTILE. I personally think that if there were videos of Neville Goddard available on Youtube, this man’s teaching would have been as instrumental as Eckhart’s. Alas, there are only audio recordings of Neville Goddard. Louise Hay’s affirmation phiosophy is really SUPERB. And as for Gregg Braden, his teaching is a combination of his background science together with spirituality…….helpful , however, Neville Goddard and Eckhart Tolle are in my opinion the leading teachers in the field of spirituality.
    If Eckhart’s teaching using his freely available Youtube videos are not helping you to find the inner peace that we are all looking for, attending his retreats will be the same. USE YOUR MONEY TO HELP THE UNDER- PRIVILEGED CHILDREN IN INDIA, BANGLADESH,…….the list is endless. To be able to help innocent children whose lives are devastated due to man made wars must be self healing.
    If you feel the need to attend in person to listen to your spiritual teacher and to have to pay some £700 t0 £ 800 for tuition only for a 5 day retreat, you need to re-evaluate your motives. If Eckhart’s videos have not helped you to reach/arrive at your desirable/peaceful place, rest assured his “retreat teachings” will produce just the same result.
    Wishing you all who have started your awakening journey inner peace and the realisation that whatever you feel/think is projected back and sooner or later is your life experience.

  33. Source:

    Eckhart is a very humble, and a self confessed “reserved”, person, who loves being in solitude. He loves nature and is known to recommend nature as the greatest spiritual teacher. There are many people who wonder if Eckhart Tolle is married – He is. He actually married a woman called Kim Eng, who he met back in 1995 when he was working as a spiritual teacher and authoring his book. Does Eckhart Tolle have children? No, he is not known to have any children. If you are asking why doesn’t Eckhart Tolle have children, I guess it’s mostly out of his own personal preference for solitude and space. People usually don’t ask him personal questions.

    He recently has associated with a web-based teaching portal called “Eckhart Tolle Tv”. There are people who have asked why is Eckhart Tolle charging for his spiritual talks, and for these web based videos, when he professes to be free of attachment to money. The truth is that people misunderstand his teachings, he does not teach denial but to live life in a state connectedness with source. The well-being that he is surrounded with is just the evidence of how good life can be for someone who lives in a state of “oneness” with the now.

    1. Why people usually don’t ask him personal questions? I would ask him, after paying 1000 USD for his retreats, “Why this retrat is so expensive, do you need the money?”, “What do you exactly do with that money?”, “How mouch did you earn in the last event?”, “How often do you have sex with your wife?”, “What do you eat?”, “Are your clothes expensive?”, “How many siblings you have?”, “Do you like kids?”, “Are you sterile?” and so on… I mean, all the things are not in their biographies and I would like to know after being 5 days in front of what blinf people call “A MASTER”. And Daniel, I ask to you: do you think are those inappropriate or unnecessary questions?

  34. Enlightment is free, you actually do not need to attend any of his meetings. But for most people they havent realised what has always been there. In the world of form everything is made out of agreements, you and other waves of the ocean decided to collectively experience a reality together, other waves decided to experience a different reality. In this plannet was decided we cant change spinach for gold, or a bike for a car. So valeus were set, this is worth that and that is worth this. All part of the play. For a reason they are charging this price, i wont call it unresonable, and i wont call it resonable. Cuz in reality its neither. Fair enough you questioning, yet do your judgement in relation to his work. Does what he is saying work ? He is a super star, isnt he ? have you seen photos of him abusing his money? Does he spend the money towards charities ? other programs and so on? I felt the articles intention is to investigate, but it is also misleading people with the kind of affirmative ton, where the questions are basically not questions. Next time be more impartial, just a suggestion. Keep shining your light and do not worry to much about what he is doing, focus your energy in finding out who you are, understanding who you are and living from the state realisation is enlightment. You can´t fail in being yourself, you are yourself. Just gotta become conscious of who you are.

  35. I think you need to research your gripe a bit better.

    Tolle’s net worth is 15 million. He makes most of his merchandise available at lower prices than other self-help gurus, and often attends events with no appearance fee. Tony Robbins, on the other hand, has a net worth of 480 million; so perhaps we should keep some perspective here. I think one is entitled to enjoy a fraction of their success, don’t you? Does a “real” self-helper need to parade around in ashes and sackcloth before he is considered genuine?

    Or perhaps there is a bit of jealousy at play here?

  36. Chopra, tolle et al have partial wisdom. However they haven’t overcome two of the three poisons Sidarta described, ie greed and delusion. Utilise the limited truths they have realised and recognise them for who they currently are – embodiments of what Wilber described as Boomeritus or another author Bobos in Paradise. Politically and socially engaged ‘spirituality’ eg Bookchin, T N Hanh, David Loy, Ken Jones, Titmus, the buddhist crew down in the catalan mountains etc are the peeps to look to amongst many others.

  37. No need to chastise Mr. Tolle for the wealth that is a byproduct of his contributions. He has helped more people than we can imagine. It’s not about the money.

  38. I know this is an old post, but still, I would very much like to see Christophers reaction and perhaps even a discussion to develop.

  39. i m french.i do not speak very well english.but i m completly agree with you .it s a shame this kind of people eckhart tolle and others are surfing on meditation for as we say in france ” BO BO ” BOurgeois BOheme ”
    it s so easy to take money to this kind of people .all i ahve to do is to speak about my book during 2 hours : how it costs : 1500 dollars my friend and you will be happy : you saw a spiritual star dont forget it !!
    i do not like this kind of peole .if you need some help do not hesitate to contact me in order to report or denounce this fraud

  40. I think he charges money so he can re-invest it in his business for things like marketing thus reach and awaken more human beings. This is a better strategy than to offer cheap seats.

    The prices are probably adjusted to demand so cheaper price doesn’t mean more attendees, but just the same amount of them. The difference being the ones who are not fast with computers will never be able to book themselves in before the event is already full.

    1. yes…he used his book money to start the web thing…and pays an management business to do most everything…as he says he is not good at such things…preferring to be quite…they probably take a good amount of the profit…but are trying to spread his and the message of presence.

  41. What is the purpose of this blog entry besides ‘accusing’ (because there is simply nothing behind it but the believe he enriched himself with his teachings) Eckhart of not living 100% to his teachings.

    “MAY ALL BEINGS BE FREE FROM SELFISH DESIR”. Surely you are not living to your teachings….. why else take time to bring this pointless blog up on the internet. His teachings are nothing but good to the people.

  42. I am not so much interested in how much Tolle brings in from classes, videos, retreats, etc, as I am with what does he do with these proceeds?

  43. Mr. Titmuss’s ridicule and questions come from the very unconscious state of mind Eckhart Tolle writes of. This very old state of consciousness asks “If you are so enlightened why the desire for so much money from those you preach to?” And here’s the thing: there is no answer that would every satisfy such a question which comes from the egoic state of mind. If it were not from an egoic state of mind Mr. Titmuss would realize there is no ‘Eckhart’ and ‘him’ as if they were two different entities. Eckhart Tolle is simply a life form in which Consciousness itself chose to appear in. The amount of beautiful positive energy that has been spread to millions of awakening ‘others’ far outweighs any ‘personal’ experience consciousness is taking part in. The very fact of Mr. Titmuss’s ridicule is testimony to his own unconsciousness; which if he were to closely and honestly examine he would realize this is true. The new consciousness is beyond the previous ‘box’ we have collectively been stuck in; and once you have exposed and entered this reality being rich or poor is irrelevant – either financial status is acceptable because one realizes neither really matters. So my suggestion is this: ‘let go’ of the need to point out others in the way they live, instead dive deep into the ‘why’ you are hung up on pointing to ‘another’. Then one day you will deeply realize there is no ‘other’.

    1. Very well put, and I agree. The source of the consternation regarding money expressed here is a result of unconsciousness—an ego-based way of viewing the world of form.

    2. “I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”

      naive to think that there have not been spiritual leaders who use their influence to acquire great wealth at the expense of others. Taking a vow of poverty is a way of showing that I have “nothing up my sleeve” and am not trying to take advantage of you. I think it is a valid concern.

  44. The message in this article says to me that money is bad, is that true? I dont think so
    Secondly I dont know what mr Tolle’s intention or situation is. Maybe the costs to organise these events are high, maybe he uses the wealth not on himself only, we dont know. Its good to be critical, but dont let your ego take over. I think the message of mr Tolle is very valuable.

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