Develop the Witness of Internal-External Life. Guided Meditation on Wholeness

Let us listen with heart and mind. Let us not give any exaggerated authority to one person over another.  We have the capacity to listen with our heart, with our mind or both. There are times we do not listen. Let us not invest heart or mind with unhealthy and unhelpful authority. Let us develop the capacity to witness, to see what is going on, to observe and stay in touch with our feelings, emotions, thoughts and views. We can develop in our daily life the witness. We can witness that which we see and experience.

The simple fact reveals an object comes to consciousness, heart and mind. You can witness your experience – just as you can witness, chairs, tables, people and presentations in the natural world. Our mind serves as an object of interest, close and intimate. The power of the awareness, of meditation, of mindfulness, sees the heart-mind as a presentation to conscious. To see clearly means we see knowing the emptiness of clinging onto to what we see or experience.  Being identified with what we see produces suffering, soon or later, for ourselves, others or both.

A witness of an unfolding process ends an unhealthy view due to inflation of I, me and my. Witness what is emerging. Witness the arising and staying and passing of the presentation, such as when your interest moves somewhere else. This is a responsibility- that means the ability to respond. We have the capacity to plant seeds, water the earth and witness a healthy and beneficial plant. Weeds in the heart-mind reveal to the witness. With the witness as the foundation, we explore ways to dissolve the ego wrapped around objects of interest. This is a lifelong engagement with the weeds until uprooted.

Let us remember our capacity today.

What can I nourish today?
What can I learn?
What can I use my mind for today?
What ways can I express my heart today?

Let us remain respectful to the unfolding process. Let us communicate with ourselves and others to develop insight and understanding.

Let us recognise the object of interest grasped onto is not who I am, not me, not myself.  That doesn’t mean you have withdrawn and become detached. That’s not helpful. We look directly at the phenomena of the presentation in the same way that I look at the screen right now or the watch here. And the other items on my desk. This is not me, this is not myself. These are objects of interest. No more. No less.

Let us have a Guided Meditation here together. There will be a 20-40 second pause between the sentences. Let us make the theme on wholeness

Guided Meditation. Sit still with tall, upright posture. Eyes can be closed, half open or open.

A Guided Meditation on Wholeness

Objects around change in subtle and not subtle. This includes the experience of the body as we sit still.

Recognise the subtle changes of the physical vibrations, the warmth of the body and the coolness in various parts of the body.

Be still as any plants in your room.

Experience a sense of the whole being

Experience the energies of the body.

Stay calm, centred and grounded without using will power to stay still.

Make no demands on yourselves, nor on others.

Experience the overall stillness and silence in the room.

Get to know this experience well.

Do not make a split between the so-called inner world and the outer world.

Reconnect with this wholeness experience in times when you get confused, reactive or distracted.

Stay in touch with the bare feeling tone in silence and stillness.

Know the fullness and steadiness of the whole being.

Let this experience be an anchor point, a reference point for being centred and grounded.

Witness the wandering mind, the daydreaming mind, the mind lost in time or intellectual abstractions.

Such a mind state consumes much energy making us mentally tired due to all the thoughts and views.

Let us remember to sit with stillness, with inner peace.

Let us stand, walk and recline with a calm interior.

Let us witness calmness and wholeness of being.

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