May You Remember

May you remember

your entrance into

this new year

to dissolve shadows

lurking in the wasteland

of last year, with eras

to forget.


May you remember

the new year takes you

further, further

beyond the old

where you gasped for air

in punctured days.

Pathway five minutes walk from home. Totnes, Devon, England

May you remember

to share your tears

What or who will be

taken from you?

listen to those with

ears to hear. Let them

offer a healing touch.


May you remember

to face what comes

who knows what the year

holds in store for you

Who knows what will

enliven you to shake

you out of a sleepwalk.


May you remember

spells of hope and fear

in the dream world

while your deep breaths

helps take you through

the winds of terror.


May you remember

you are more than

you think you are.

your modest life

dwells upon the edge

of the unknown

daily with no exception.


May you remember

you are made up

of the past and its

fusion into your present

a persona in process

unfolding, unfolding.


May you remember

a view of yourself

obscures other views

none have a final

stamp of authority

you are not bound

to a cramped view

Not now. Not ever.


May you remember

glamour and glitter

of indulgent fireworks

of casual distractions

escapes from tedium

while life hides

in unknown places.


May you remember

those who left your world

with whom you laughed

cried, loved, argued

from whom you learnt

or you learnt nothing


May you remember

to not take anyone

or anything for granted

for they will depart

through the back door

while you thumb texts.


May you remember

a joy flowers

unplanned, unthought,

never imagined

sweet sensations suffuse

wonder and insights

trigger in the being

a time of renewal.


May you remember

everyday of your life

is one day less to go

who knows how many

days linger in our solitude

and our togetherness.


May you remember.

2 thoughts on “May You Remember”

  1. Thank you for this reminder, this

    and what an awesome looking arbor!
    It looks so beautiful, it has touched “desire mind”
    And then I remember:
    I may not be near an arbor,
    but I am sitting in my home, which at this moment
    and likely in the next few moments, even days, likely months, even years,
    will not be

    Are you ever curious about the people who write?
    I live in Queens, NYC… and decades ago sat retreats at IMS.
    May this be the year that brings World Peace.
    Do you think, if it ever arrives, that anyone will be left to believe it?

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