Good Days. A Poem

With inspiration from R&B, mezza-soprano, baroque rock and a rock musician.

Good Days

Red-tufted herons

ballet on the white

of Hokkaido’s soul,

weights then set sail

upstairs – downstairs

into the hands of

solitary beings.


Silence of the cello

plays Saturn return –

where we engage;

a push and pull of

brief co-existence

longing for change

in this modern world.


Tell me something –

no void to fill

benches and mats

to confirm a

stretch to heaven

Good Times

Good Days

Perfect Day

Perfect Days


Dive in

step in, step out

inhale goes deep

exhale goes far


neither young

nor old

to reach the


He cycles towards

sunrise to dance

with the herons

Good Times

Good Days

Perfect Day

Perfect Days.

Note for Readers

Red-tufted herons ballet. Featured in a beautiful BBC 2 documentary (March 2024)

Hokkaido. Garden of Eden for natural world, creatures and humans. Furthest island north in Japan. Location for documentary.

Weights. Totnes gym staff reorganised last week much heavy equipment – downstairs to upstairs.

Longing for Change. Words in Shallow by Lady Gaga

Good Times. Words in Shallow

In this modern world. Words in Shallow

Good Days. Song title. Singer – Sza

Lyrics of Good Days by Sza

Saturn. Represents ethics, justice and highest aspirations/principles. A song by Sleeping at Last. Saturn return – a homecoming.

Trailer. Perfect Days – title of a tender film (movie) of a senior worker living a mindful/caring life – set in Tokyo. DVD available on 31 December 2024.

Lyrics of Perfect Day. A song by Lou Reed.

Fountains. Found in Good Days.

Audio Recording of Poem

Final Word

Will write in April 2024, a post/blog on deep lyrics found in Lady Gaga’s Shallow – sung with Bradley Cooper.




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