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How to Make a Good Cuppa Tea. 15 Easy Steps. A Spiritual Expression of Mindfulness.

Various friends, often internationals, come and visit me at home in Totnes, England.

They kindly offer to make a cup of tea. Well intentioned. No training in making a cup of tea. No idea. Bless ’em. Continue reading 

What is Mindfulness? 26 Definitions


26 Definitions

The Buddha engaged in the regular application of Mindfulness in his teachings. The Pali word for Mindfulness is Sati. His teachings on mindfulness serve as the primary inspiration for the teachings on mindfulness available in the West  and elsewhere in the world.

Sati conveys remembering what leads up to an experience or situation and the presence of the experience or situation. There is no English equivalent to the word sati. Continue reading 

What is Mindfulness? Current Limited Definitions. 21 Examples.

What is Mindfulness?

21 Current Limited Definitions

The current wave of exploration and interest in Mindfulness started 2600 years ago with the Buddha. He employed the use of mindfulness (Pali language: sati) to apply to a variety of other teachings and applications for the welfare of human beings.

There are significant differences in definition between the original  meaning of sati and its contemporary use. Continue reading 

Please support Israeli initiative to offer Mindfulness to the Syrian/Arab communities

An Appeal from the Mindfulness in Arabic Project
The violent war in Syria has displaced more than 6,320,000 people; Now dealing with trauma imprints, insistent memories of war, fear, instability, loss, and uncertainty.Mindfulness in Arabic project is creating an online, self-help, Mindfulness course for refugees.
This innovative course is specially designed, with and for refugees, trauma informed, and culturally sensitive in their own mother tongue. The MiA course provides trauma and resiliency skills, practices that aid in the reduction of stress, rebuild self regulation, and enhance clarity, tolerance and compassion.

Trauma robs us of the present moment; Healing occurs in the present body-mind.

Join to make it happen now:

The course is based on the lessons shared with us by leading Mindfulness teachers: Jon Kabat-Zinn, Tara Brach, Christopher Titmuss, Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Shinzen Young, Bangor U and more. These lessons have yet to be translated fully, voice-recorded professionally in Arabic, and shared widely – among refugee communities wherever they are.

Help us achieve this now, donate and share our crowdfunding project here:

Some of you know that I’ve been working with Syrian refugees and their counselors lately, These tools are well needed and called out for.

Thank you again,

Juditta Ben David MA SEP,

ToWo group director

MiA – Mindfulness In Arabic,
Galilee Healing Sisterhood Trauma healing Mindfulness MBSE

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Become an Agent of Change. Join our residential programme in June, 2017 in Germany or September, 2017 in Israel


A 14- day programme for 60 people near Dusseldorf in Germany in June and October 2017 and  in Israel in September, 2017 and April 2018.

49 people have registered for Germany with 11 places left out of 60 available places. 15 people have registered so far for Israel out of 60 available places. The programme will take place with a minimum of 30 participants.

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