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12 Reasons why I am not a secular Buddhist

Like other religions, Buddhism has numerous sects, big and small.¬† The sect of Secular Buddhism, mostly found in the West, places much emphasis on Dharma practice revolving around the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, ethics, mindfulness, meditation, loving kindness and insight. Continue reading 

An Exploration of the Goal of Dharma/Spiritual Practice. Transcription of Part One of Four Interactive Modules. Q and A.

On Sunday 18 February 2018, I had an interactive hour on screen with participants worldwide.

Organised by Realize Media (, this course consists of a deep exploration of the Goal of Dharma/spiritual practice. Continue reading 

When you feel depressed….12 Practices to overcome depression

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A person falls down a well into the water. It is cold and dark down there. The person has enough motivation to climb up the stepladder to get out of the well. One or two people at the top of the well give some support as the person slowly climbs out of the well into the daylight. Continue reading 

Can Buddhists learn from Muslims?

Buddhists and Muslims have more in common than we think. The Buddhist tradition can learn from the religious practices of the Islamic tradition. There is the potential for an important dialogue between Buddhists and Muslims, who share similar priorities in the spiritual life. Continue reading 

Time to Write the Memoir of the years 1967 – 1977. I have run out of excuses.

I had the privilege of spending 10 years overseas between late April 1967 and early May of 1977.

It took me 10 years and 10 days to make a single circumnavigation of the Earth. Continue reading