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Depressesd? Don’t Ask Why. That takes time. Take a Pill

The question is: Is our society getting more depressed year by year? I read some alarming figures in the newspaper the other day that prescriptions for anti-depressants have almost doubled in the last decade. Continue reading 

Oil and the Feeding of Desire

We have read in our newspapers of the human and environmental tragedy as hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil pour into the ocean making it a toxic wasteland as well as the coastal devastation of the Louisiana wetlands. Continue reading 

Capitalism – a pathology of the mind

When I purchased my home in 1982, there were clear regulations to determine the agreement between the bank and myself. It was very simple. I had to provide the bank a minimum deposit of 20% and the bank agreed to allow me to borrow a maximum of 2 1/2 times my annual income in order to repay the bank back over a 25 year period. Continue reading 

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