Join our Online Course on the Four Basic Necessities – food, clothing, accommodation and medicine. 75 mins per session.

11, 18 November. 2, 9 December 2023

Teachings and practices in the Buddhist tradition offer appropriate practices to develop a proper perspective on the four basic necessities.

We can change our approach to each of the four basic necessities. Meditation and reflection encourage ways to  find a balanced view.


You are invited to attend our first session without registration payment from 8 am – 9.15 CET on 11 November 2023.

Simply send a request to register on the email address on the flyer above. If you continue, please send 16 Euros to donations on the flyer using website address.

Human beings in desperate need for food, clothing, shelter or medicine can barely think, let alone meditate and reflect on deep issues of life.


Countless numbers in poor and rich countries struggle to get enough food to eat. Numbers of obese people match the number of hungry people. The food industry offers the poisoned chalice of junk food, junk drink and ultra processed food that slowly but surely systematically destroys health and wellbeing. Cam we change our diet? Can we change the diet of others?


Fashion industry contributes to 10% of our carbon emisions – more than international flights and maritime shipping combined, plus clothing brings pollution to our seas and consumes water that contributes to water scarcity in different regions. Are we addicted to buying clothing? Do we have too many clothes? Do we recycle?


To own a home is a privilege .Countless numbers have no such privilege. Some have second homes and more, often barely used throughout the year. Others want a bigger home rather than make space in their current home. What is our relationship to home and household possessions?


The pharmaceutical industry produces medication that can cure and damage the vulnerable human health system with countless numbers taking a concoction of daily pills and severe forms of treatment. The same industry engages in endless campaigns to undermine and marginalise all other forms of form of medicine. What is your response?

Do join on Saturday 11 November, 2023.

A single sentence can change a life.

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