50 Mutually Supportive Ways to End War

Ways to end the barbarism and depravity of the violence of the state and organisation.

Both sides in a war live in the perpetual delusion that annihilation of the enemy in the battlefields, in their homes, schools, hospitals and places of worship will stop their rage against them.

Hatred does not cease with hatred. Hatred incites more hatred. The dark, traumatised minds of both sides engage in the plotting of revenge. Emotionally charged or unemotional and cold, both personas desire the infliction of mass suffering to secure their objectives.

This mindset is a pathology far more serious, far more dangerous than the current narrow boundaries/definitions of mental sickness.

The medical profession, the experts in mental health have let us down.

Their is a refusal in society to define the violence of the state and the violence of the organisation as confirmation of deeply rooted unresolved mental health problems.

In a civilised society, the proponents of war, who support one side to slaughter the other, would require the skills of experts in psychiatry, psychology, mindfulness, meditation, counselling, spiritual/religious/secular practices and intensive support to bring an end to their collective desire to make others suffer.

Sadly, we live with the absurd belief we have evolved when every war, every act of violence, confirms this most primitive of behaviour governs much of life on Earth.

We consider ourselves civilised and that view itself forms into such an identity that the ‘civilised’ world gets used as a weapon to denigrate and destroy the ‘other.’

A List of 50 Mutually Supportive Ways to end Wars.

What ways can you give support to resolution of conflict?

  1. Aid/Reconstruction
  2. Analysis/critiques of state of mind of political/military leaders and others who sanction death and destruction.
  3. Application of the Arts
  4. Arms control
  5. Banning banking from countries engaged in war
  6. Banning imports from countries engaged in war
  7. Banning export of weapons
  8. Blockades
  9. Blocking streets, motorways, public buildings
  10. BDS. Boycott. Divestment. Sanctions
  11. Civil Disobedience on a massive scale or modest scale
  12. Comedy, skits, poking fund
  13. Conciliation
  14. Conferences
  15. Constructive exports
  16. Creativity
  17. Critiques of war
  18. Demonstrations/Marches/Street Protests
  19. Diplomacy/Dialogue
  20. Disarmament
  21. Economic Sanctions
  22. Education in ethics, empathy, non-violence in schools, workplace and institutions
  23. Ending participation in major sporting events
  24. Ending arm sales, international and national
  25. Excommunication
  26. Graffiti
  27. Grass roots movements
  28. International Courts
  29. International cooperation to resolve conflict
  30. Mass Petitions
  31. Meditation/Prayer/vigils/pilgrimages
  32. Mock Funerals
  33. Name and shame of those who invest in war
  34. Parades. Gatherings. Concerts
  35. Pilgrimages
  36. Private Meetings between representatives of both sides
  37. Prosecution
  38. Protests/sit-down/non-compliance
  39. Prohibiting loans
  40. Public Talks
  41. Religious meetings, vigils, meditation in public
  42. Resistance to military call-up/conscription
  43. Non-violent training
  44. Resistance
  45. Sanctions on the rich/powerful who gain from war
  46. Social Media
  47. Street Music. Poetry, Theatre, Dance, Costumes
  48. Strikes
  49. Tax. Refusal to pay
  50. UN Resolutions.
May all beings live conscious lives
May all beings develop alternatives to war
May all beings live in peace.


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