Bye, Bye Boris. A Prediction and Concern for the British Prime Minister

People impose a substantial reality upon the concepts of winning and losing. The media and the public talk incessantly after a general election about winners and losers.

We take up the view of the experience of pleasure and satisfaction for the so-called ‘winners’ and the pain and disappointment for the ‘losers.’

Pleasure and pain form and dissolve like clouds on a windy day.

The Conservatives and much of the media will glorify the success of our great leader. We forget a simple truth.

The ‘winners’ eventually find themselves as ‘losers.’ Remember the ignominious end of the previous Conservative Prime Ministers – Theresa May, Cameron, Major and Thatcher.

The Labour Party become the ‘winners.’ Remember Prime Minister Tony Blair, who became the most disliked man in Britain for his co-operation with US President, George Bush. Between them, they triggered the deaths of 500,000 innocent people in the Arab nations.

Remember the endless ridicule of Gordon Brown, who infamously claimed the end to an economy of boom and bust. They found themselves in a very isolated place. Their friends became their enemies.

We can only feel concern about the plight of leaders in our democratic system, who enter office and suffer endless abuse from others facing them in parliamentary debates or in the media. They also have to face their own compulsions to succeed.

Some leaders enter the chamber with a wish to serve but find themselves fighting for personal survival. Addiction to power weighs heavily on the mind, harms mental health and blocks wise judgement.

The Dark of the Political System

Our political system often reduces natural empathy and compassion and replaces it with a career of endless conflict. Prime Ministers, Ministers, opposition leaders and shadow cabinets find themselves trapped in endless polemics to inflict as much criticism on others as possible.

Compassion and wisdom for the people then take second place to the bear pit of Parliament. We need a fresh approach to political life.

Politics and politicians come and go as winners and losers. The same fate awaits Boris Johnson. He often comes across as boorish, narcissistic and dismissive of others.  I suspect he will withdraw into a shell as he reveals his  limitations to the wider world. His party will lose interest in him.

Sooner or later, the party or the country will dismiss him as out of touch.

We will witness the ‘incompetence’ of the Prime Minister to handle international negotiations as well as major social issues.

The credibility of Prime Minister Boris Johnson will get less and less the more he speaks.

At times, he reacts impulsively out of fear – like a boy. He avoided scrutiny on the campaign trail. He won’t be able to hide in a fridge, snatch a mobile phone to show a photograph of a sick child on the floor of a hospital or avoid the media worldwide, who will challenge his every utterance.

The Conservative Party will come to see him as an embarrassment. The nation will see him as an embarrassment.

Prime Minister Johnson will have served the purpose of the rich and powerful to keep the Conservatives in government and keep the Labour Party as a light-blue backup.

His party or the country will dump him. Boris will get the blame. The system that creates our Prime Ministers continue as before. One feels concern for the welfare of the Prime Minister in the months and years ahead.

Bye, bye Boris. That will eventually be the smug satisfaction of much of the Conservative Party and the country.

It is the same treatment currently as dished out to Jeremy Corbyn for losing the election.

We expect far too much from politicians.


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