10 Reasons why the Conservative Party ‘won’ and the Labour Party ‘lost’ the General Election on 12 December 2019

The winners become the losers and the losers become the winners, who become the losers.

That’s the fate of Prime Minsters like night follows day.

  1. First Past the Post System. Labour Party supports this system. UK operates on a System of a two-party state. Around 13.9 million voted for the Conservative Party. More than 17 million voted for other parties. Conservative Party has control of Parliament for the next five years with a majority of 80 seats in Parliament.

2. Refusal of Labour Party to co-operate with Lib-Dems on marginal seats. Labour Party and Lib-Dem Party refused to co-operate on marginal seats. This mean these two parties fought for second place. If a Labour candidate or Lib Dem candidate stood down in these marginals, the Conservatives would probably not be in power.

3. Sustained anti-Corbyn campaign in the mediaThe largely Conservative owned media have campaigned to vilify Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn since his election as Labour Party leader. The rich and powerful hate the Left, who threaten their privileges. Take a careful look at the montage of a handful of front pages of the biggest selling newspapers in the UK about Jeremy Corbyn .http://www.lse.ac.uk/media@lse/research/pdf/JeremyCorbyn/Cobyn-Report-FINAL.pdf

4. Factional infighting in the Labour Party. We read and listened to various levels of anger between the left, right and centre of the Labour Party including from ministers in the disgraced Blair/Brown government with its war mongering and lack of challenge of the rich and powerful elite. Such infighting put people off the Party. We saw an inability to apologise for denial and avoidance of neglected issues and repeat acts of malicious attacks on people within the party.

5. Fence sitting on Brexit. Trying to please Brexiteers and Remainers produced lack of clarity and purpose. The Labour Party cannot have it both ways.

6. Failure to distance itself from Marxism, Socialism and worn out 19th and 20th century ideologies as well as the extremists of the centre and right. Labour Party only seems to win elections when it comes across as a lightweight Conservative Party. A fair and just manifesto for people and the Earth has nothing to do with the Left, right or centre of politics.

7. Global trend towards dictatorships. In an insecure and anxious world, Boris Johnson belongs to the international trend towards a dictatorship, elected or unelected. Addicted to power, dictators look down upon minorities, the poor, Muslim communities, the Left, the Centre and those who protest against the privileged politics of the majority. Examples include President Donald Trump in the USA, President Putin of Russia, President Xi Jimping of China, Prime Minister Modi of India, President Erdogan of Turkey,  President Assaf of Syria, Prime Minister Morrison of Australia, Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, King Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, leaders of certain countries in the EU and the rest of the world.

8. Need to listen in recent years to the needs of the poor and marginalised. Labour Party have to support in practical ways the anxieties and needs of the poor in cities and towns, especially in the midlands and the north.  This builds trust and appreciation. Labour Party campaigns have to concentrate at a personal level long before and during the election campaign to understand those struggling to pay their weekly bills. More than two out of thee Members of Parliament are millionaires. MPs earn more than 90 percent of the population. It is easy in such privileged circumstances to get out of touch with the poor and minorities.

9. Manifesto of Expensive Promises. The Labour Party offered a manifesto full of expensive promises. This approach seemed more and more out of the realms of possibility. The public realised that a policy of candies for everybody seemed too good to be true. Voters lost belief in the Labour Party’s economic competence if they got into government.

10. Lies, lies and damned lies now win elections. Labour Party lives in the past clinging to ideologies of the left, right and centre.  The language appears out of touch. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party did its best to start a social and green revolution.  Corbyn is a decent man. He has dedicated his life for the benefit of the many. He has always worked for a radical change in priorities in society. Millions of people in the public sector supported the contents of the manifesto. There is a deep disappointment with the election result and concern for the next five years, especially after BREXIT.  Corbyn refuses to launch into personal attacks on people. We live in a time of  selfishness, narcissism and personality disorder in far too many leaders in public life. Corbyn is an exception to all of that. Corbyn has his blind spots keeping him trapped in political combat and unable to see the severe limits of his Party. Nevertheless, many of us have a real fondness for him.

Final Word

Politicians know  little about a lot of political issues.

We need new leaders who know a lot about specifics to show us the way to a helpful resolution of issues, great and small.

We need a range of bright and savvy leaders who share a deep empathy with the issues of our time.

We also need to meet together to be imaginative and creative so we do not become dependent on our political masters and experts.

We need new kinds of leaders, young and old alike, who can articulate and explain issues.

We need a fresh kind of politics relevant and practical that meet the needs of the diversity of communities.

We need a spiritual revolution to address diet, health, education, communities, lifestyle and our relationship to people, animals and the environment.

Vision, organisation and application serve as steps for deep change.

We need to liberate ourselves from the politics of the left, right and centre. They have led us down a cul-de-sac.

We need to develop a culture of co-operation and wise action, not constant conflict between different political wings.

Westminster is a tired institution employing a pointless format, a museum that has gone past its usefulness. Government should convert the Houses of Parliament into a tourist hotspot and move out of the capital to different locations in the rest of the country.

Non-party politics needs to come to the foreground to show the way ahead.


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