An Engaged Life – a website under construction. Part 1 of 2.

Today is Earth Day. 22 April, 2019

Dear One and All,

I am in the process of writing the content for a new website.

The website is currently under construction with some 70% completed.

Name of the website is:

This website will be accessible in May 2019.

Website designer, Ulla and I will notify when it is available, via the e-News, blog and social media.

The Home Page of the website states:

We are people of the Earth.

We are dealing with an ongoing global crisis.

The crisis includes

personal, family, social, political and environmental issues.

We can consume.

We can conform.

We can sleepwalk through existence

We can waste our precious life



This website offers pointers to


You can make a difference

Do co-operate with others.

What contribution can you make today to an engaged life?


You will find on the website

  • practical applications
  • reminders
  • tips
  • suggestions
  • reflections
  • ways to reduce stress
  • and political/corporate critiques

The links on the website consist primarily of lists, pointers and bullet points, as a support for you in an engaged life.

There are 12 themes under each link. For example. Themes under ethics include

  • Five Ethics for Society,
  • Making Things Last,
  • What is Suffering?
  • Transformation of Business

 The 10 Links on the Website are:

  1. Home
  2. Ethics
  3. Change
  4. Action
  5. Connect
  6. To Lead
  7. Practices
  8. Critiques
  9. Support
  10. Resources


Earth Day, 2019 is also my 75th birthday.


Thank you for your kind messages

and for the birthday cake the grandchildren made.

 Part Two. See next blog link.

Next blog lists major issues of the Global Crisis

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