A New Year’s Resolution? Four Questions

Dear Readers,

I am writing a chapter on love and mindfulness.

I include  four important questions in the chapter.

  1. What shows love for another?

  2. What makes us loveable?

  3. What doesn’t show love for another?

  4. What makes us unloveable?

Welcome to the New Year.

If you are considering new year resolutions, then you could consider regular reflection on these four questions.

Our responses can develop our capacity to be a loving human being and also the capacity to let go of what gets in the way.





  • I think the selfless and vocational communication of knowledge shows great love for another. Like here for example. So’s the likes of me can learn to resonate with the dharma. Thete’s a spring in my old lady step. I’m seriously grateful. So had to return to say that in case I run out of time and breath to say thanks.
    There’s this song by Warren Zevon called Ourselves To Know. I love it. I know Zevon was a bit crazy but there’s this line that goes ‘Be chivalrous to strangers you meet along the road as you take that holy ride yourselves to know.’ I love that. Chivalrous to strangers. Another aspect of love?

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