The Deathless ends the Contraction

around the Mind-Body Formation

Liberation reveals freedom from contraction to the binary/dualistic presentation of life and death.

The Deathless remains close at hand for one and all without exception.
There is no ‘how to’ in terms of a technique to meditate on the Deathless.
There is no point in belief or disbelief with regard to the Deathless.
Abide with the concept. Reflect on it. Daily. One day after another.
For weeks. For months. For Years.
Listen deeply inwardly and outwardly.
Go alone into the nature.
Experience solitude.
Reflect on the whole person as belonging to nature.
Reflect on the whole person as a wave in the Ocean.
See and know the vast ‘Ocean.’
Enter the horizontal posture and look up at the stars.
See the emptiness of contracting around a form called mind/body.
Daily. One day after another. Stay receptive.
See as a minor movement in evolution of emergence of birth, change and death.
Know the peace of mind that comes with the Deathless.
Be Mindful of the Deathless.
Meditate on the Deathless.
See and Know the Deathless for a proper perspective on the presentation of a life.


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