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ISIS and the West

Has ISIS recruited our Western

governments to support the ISIS agenda?




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Steps to resolve the war between ISIS and the West


Like millions of others, I have walked along some of the streets where the ISIS recruits engaged in the merciless slaughter of people enjoying a Friday evening out in Paris. The streets are a short walk from Gare du Nord railway station. I make the train journey to this station regularly from London en route to and from Germany.  Once a year, I walk from the station to another station in Paris to catch a train. It is hard to imagine the slaughter that took place there this month.

The national flags of France, Egypt, Russia, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Mali and elsewhere remain soaked in tears and blood as acts of war between a version of the West and a version of Islam rages on.

We, the citizens of the West, have to ask ourselves a painful question:

Has ISIS recruited our Western governments to support the ISIS agenda? Continue reading 

Do you have any Facebook Friends?

Do you have any Facebook Friends?

Please don’t say ‘Yes’ too quickly.

In a previous blog this week, I wrote 12 Pointers to real friends and 12 pointers for false friends.

In another previous blog this week, I wrote 12 Pointers asking if we have friends in our contact list on our mobile phones.

In this blo, I have reflected on our Facebook Friends. Continue reading