100 Questions about Covid and Health, Work, Vaccinations, Transmissions and More. Develop an Inquiry into Areas Important for You and Others

I had my first Pfizer vaccination on Saturday 14 May 2021 and my second vaccination on Saturday 21 August 2021. The double vaccination enabled me to travel to Germany in October without quarantine to offer Dharma/Mindfulness teachings in the Waldhaus Zentrum, 60 minutes on the train from Bonn and at the Pauenhof Zentrum, 60 minutes from Dusseldorf over 18 days.

I use a facemask and observe social distancing in shops, public transport etc. I use two facemasks in crowded situations to minimise transmission of Covid in either direction.

It is nearly two years since the first diagnosis of Covid in Wuhan, China. Covid raises many questions. You will see below a list of 100 questions. You can google these questions and similar ones of interest to read or view responses. Endeavour to make informed choices.

If we do not keep questioning alive, we may have made up our mind on the issue months or a year or more ago not realising we are out of touch with the ongoing political, social and medical evolution of this global pandemic.

None of the questions are rhetorical. The questions do not reveal my views but some of them certainly indicate concerns.

There are parallels in terms of the impact of Covid in the UK and other countries although UK has one of the highest infection rates and deaths per population. There are also other responses safeguarding society from such high infection rates and bereavements.

Here are 100 Questions concerning Covid and the Pandemic to encourage a much wider vision of public health and reflection on present situation

Covid and Health

  1. Does Covid alone cause death and life-threatening emergencies?
  2. Does Covid linked with other major health issues cause death and life-threatening emergencies?
  3. Can conventional medicine offer any treatment for long Covid? If not, why not?
  4. Do undernourished and underfed people suffer more from Covid?
  5. Do fat, very fat and obese people suffer more from Covid?
  6. What is the impact on happiness and health due to reduction in social life, exercise, reduction in time outdoors and reduction in time in nature?
  7. Has the emphasis of saving lives of Covid patients meant the loss of lives of others suffering with life threatening illnesses? What is the political response?
  8. Around 5.8 million people in Britain wait for operations and specialised treatment due to Covid. Is the NHS in its greatest crisis since its foundation in 1948?
  9. What steps must the government take to resolve the national emergency of the NHS?
  10. Is poor health, diet, DNA, mental health, pollution also partly responsible for the daily suffering and death of people worldwide from Covid?
  11. Is there data to show any harmful impact of Covid on a pregnancy at any stage causing a miscarriage?
  12. In what ways does ill-health, such as diabetes, lung/heart disease, cancer and auto-immune issues strengthen the impact of Covid?
  13. What are the steps to address the health of the whole person?
  14. What percentage of hospital patients who required ventilators or died from Covid were overweight or obese?
  15. What percentage suffered from other serious illnesses?
  16. What ways does an unhealthy lifestyle and repeated vaccinations weaken the immune system?
  17. While vaccinations reduce chances of hospitalization and death, do the vaccines stop suffering and serious sickness?
  18. Why do vaccinations only cut reduce long covid by 40%?
  19. Why does the government fail to cultivate a healthy lifestyle to save lives and reduce long term Covid sickness?
  20. Why has there been no national campaign to change the national diet and bring legislation for the food industry to stop manufacturing processed food, junk food, fast food etc to develop resilience against infectious diseases?
  21. Would weight loss and fitness programmes be one of the biggest safeguards for most people against hospitalisations, ventilators and death?
  22. What lessons can other countries learn from the high infection rate and high death rate in the UK from Covid?
  23. Have politicians, medical scientists and the vaccine industry rejected every alternative to vaccinations and masks/social distancing to protect us from Covid? If so, why?

Covid and Work

  1. Why has the UK government banned unvaccinated care workers from homes for the elderly? Does this imply that top quality masks and social distancing cannot protect residents?
  2. Should the government ban elderly/vulnerable overweight/obese/ citizens from the workplace to protect them from a life-threatening Covid infection from vaccinated citizens?
  3. Since the double vaccinated, plus those with a booster, can transmit Covid, why are UK care workers banned from working in homes for the aged?
  4. Why are unvaccinated NHS (National Health Service, UK) staff (doctors, nurses, administrators) facing loss of work in April 2022 while fully vaccinated staff can infect people?
  5. Why are unvaccinated workers facing loss of work when vaccinated workers can transmit Covid including those showing no Covid symptom themselves?

Booster Jab

  1. Could regular booster jabs for the alpha variant make citizens eventually unfit to make a quick recovery from major new variants?
  2. Do people who continue to have a high degree of protection from infection need a booster?
  3. Do those who have had the booster jab need to wear a mask and keep social distancing?
  4. Does the third jab confirm the double jab wears off much more quickly than previously thought?
  5. Have the vaccinations delivered what was originally promised?
  6. How long does the booster jab remain effective?
  7. If the booster jab protects against a strand of the virus, namely alpha, does this third jab offer equal protection against the delta variant?
  8. Is there a possibility of regular Covid jabs within shorter and shorter periods of time? What steps are being taken to prepare for this possibility?
  9. Is there comprehensive data available on the safety of regular booster jabs in the months and years ahead?
  10. Is there data to show people will require a fourth jab in 2022?
  11. Why did the vaccine companies inform the world’s population of the necessity for a third jab, called the booster jab?

Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

  1. Children/young people in the West are the lowest risk group with Covid? Why doesn’t the West direct vaccines to people in high-risk groups in the developing nations?
  2. Do fully vaccinated people and unvaccinated people experience the virus in the same way in the nose and throat?
  3. Do the vaccinated transmit Covid as easily as the unvaccinated?
  4. Scientists, governments and the vaccine industry keep telling us that having the jab will stop the spread of Covid. Where is the data to confirm this claim if the vaccination cannot stop transmission?
  5. Why is the blame for covid infections placed on those who refuse the jab when those with the jab can also infect others?
  6. Why have governments frequently ignored the plight of the poor countries of the world who need the vaccine as much as anybody else?
  7. Why has the vaccine industry frequently ignored the plight of poor countries?
  8. Does profit influence the decisions of the vaccine industry?

Symptoms and Variants

  1. Did medical scientists advise us from the very beginning the vaccine could only weaken the symptoms?
  2. Do the number and types of symptoms in a new variant increase?
  3. Does the vaccine only work partially with the next variant or only to a small degree? What does the data show?
  4. Is a Covid variant, like the delta variant, requiring a suitable vaccine which is long lasting and blocking any kind of infection and transmission?
  5. Is every Covid variant producing different symptom that the first vaccination cannot deal with?
  6. Is every Covid variant producing stronger symptoms than the first (alpha) vaccination?
  7. Is the strength of the delta variant responsible for the current dramatic increase in the number of infections in the UK and other countries?
  8. Is there any difference in policy and treatment between alpha and delta variant despite the massive impact of delta?
  9. The vaccine industry produced a vaccine for the first variant. When Covid mutates does it mean the vaccine works as much with the new variant?
  10. Why is there such a wide range of symptoms from Covid?
  11. Why is there no treatment or very little available to address the symptoms?

Transmission, Masks and Social Distancing

  1. Does social distancing and lockdown contribute to eating more and more unhealthy food and increasing weight with health consequences?
  2. Does social distancing and lockdown contribute to loneliness, unhappiness and depression?
  3. Does wearing a facemask for prolonged periods, such as for work, impact on inhalation of oxygen?
  4. Covid lingers in the air for two hours or more. Do confined spaces at home, such as toilet, bathroom, hallway, kitchen etc increase risk of catching Covid?
  5. Medical science experts on Covid urge swift action to encourage masking and social distancing due to major drop month by month in efficacy of vaccinations? What is the government response to this medical response?
  6. Science says the vaccine only stops infecting the lungs but not nose and throat?
  7. Should the UK government leave all such decisions in the hands of individuals?
  8. Since the vaccination cannot stop transmission, does this mean Covid will be a major health issue worldwide into the foreseeable future?
  9. What degree do face masks protect against Covid?
  10. What degree does a healthy and fit person protect themselves from the impact of Covid?
  11. What is the data to show impact of covering nose and face for hours daily for week after week, month after month?
  12. Why can’t the scientists develop a Covid vaccine to stop infection of nose and throat?
  13. Why did many of us initially believe the Covid jab prevented transmission?
  14. Why did the vaccine industry fail to design a vaccine for recognition of an infection despite lack of symptoms?
  15. Why did the vaccine industry fail to design a vaccine to prevent transmission?
  16. Why do countries with high vaccination rates also have a high infection rates?
  17. Why do governments and science rely entirely upon double vaccination, booster jabs and personal choice in terms of quarantine, lockdown, masks, social distancing and hand washing to resolve the global pandemic?
  18. Why do people in the same household with the same diet/lifestyle have such variation in anti-bodies from low level to high level despite three vaccinations?

Antibodies and Immunity

  1. Antibodies are made after infection and vaccination. Why does the length of time to increase antibodies vary between people?
  2. Can a person test negative for antibodies after infection or vaccination?
  3. Do antibody tests show the level of protection against Covid?
  4. How does a person determine their level of immunity?
  5. If antibody tests do not confirm protection, what test does show level of protection?
  6. If children are the least vulnerable age group, why do they have to receive vaccinations?
  7. Is health, immune system, antibodies the primary protection against Covid?
  8. Is the gradual weakening of the current vaccine responsible for the current dramatic increase in Covid infections in the UK and other countries?
  9. Is there no immunity from Covid?
  10. What antibody test is available and dependable?
  11. Why can’t the government offer a free antibody test?
  12. What develops the immune system?
  13. Why does the government and medical science give age given the primary consideration for vaccinations rather than state of health?

Vaccine Effectiveness

  1. Total-Population Cohort Study in Sweden concluded that vaccine effectiveness dropped from 83 percent to zero after 9 months. What is the government and scientific response? (See Lancet, UK Medical Journal).
  2. USA research released in 2021 of 780,000 elderly citizens revealed vaccine protection dropped from 88% to between 48% or 57% according to the vaccine. How does a person find out what protection remains from their double jab?
  3. Can anything be done to keep a vaccine more effective?
  4. What does 90% or 95% effectiveness mean if the vaccine cannot safeguard us from getting infected with Covid?
  5. What is the government response to knowing that the passing of every month weakens vaccine efficacy, so we now have highest levels of infection rates in the UK since the start of Covid?
  6. What percentage of the 5 million UK citizens who had contracted Covid continue to experience post Covid symptoms and long term Covid?
  7. What steps can stop the decline in vaccine effectiveness, which significantly increases the number of sick people?
  8. Why did not government and scientists fail to warn us that high infection rates and high vaccination rates will go hand in hand?
  9. Why does the length of time of efficacy of the three jabs vary so much between people?
  10. Why isn’t the government, science and vaccine industry offering people a test to see whether the first two jabs continue to maintain a high level of effectiveness?
  11. Can we have confidence in governments, science and the vaccine industry in terms of its handling of the global epidemic since it started in late 2019?
  12. What major changes need to take place to safeguard public health in the future from other pandemics or variants on the current pandemic?




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