You attend a 12-month online Mindfulness Teacher Training Course. But then…..

You attend a 12-month online Mindfulness Teacher Training Course. You don’t teach mindfulness after the course. Yet every minute of training was worth worthwhile.


Have you ever attended university and you never used your degree. You reached the conclusion you would take up another livelihood instead. If you enter a year-long mindfulness teacher training course, the teachers will certainly encourage you to place your knowledge, practice and experience into becoming a mindfulness teacher.

Would our online course have been a waste of time if you did not become a teacher even if you completed a commitment for 12 months. We also provide the opportunity in Germany and UK for inperson meetings.

You could reflect on the lasting benefits of a year’s exposure to mindfulness practice, training and leadership. Mindfulness has a different flavour to other courses because the MTTC knowledge, practices and tools give support for the rest of your life until the last exhalation.

You can develop calmness of being ,an expansive heart and a clear mind. Our second module focuses on practice but also training to step into your authority as a speaker, facilitator and teacher. You can overcome shyness, nervousness and self-doubt in whatever livelihood or service you offer.

A Range of Experiences

There are other considerations too about a year’s training. In the space of a year, you might go through a range of experiences in your daily life. We never know what life will bring. In the 12 months between October 2023 and October 2024, you might experience wonderful and challenging experiences. There is the opportunity to share with others, seniors in the mindfulness world and participants. Participants often have training and expertise in the fields of mind, body, communication, relationships and service to others.

The regularity of such contact is priceless. We have full sessions with a teacher and small groups without a teacher. MTTC enables learning from each other to apply to daily life.

You might find you learn from your mindfulness, reflection, meditation. Inquiry and sharing. Participants develop qualities of leadership and authority to support others in wise ways of living. You can teach values, mindfulness and wisdom without mentioning the word mindfulness. Mindfulness is not a product to market but a tool expressed in different ways.

Here are the 19 Questions on the Q and A page.

MTTC website provides much information – this is intentional. Yes. We have listed 19 questions on the Q&A page. Some of the questions arose in the last three MTTC courses or in preparation for the next course starting in mid-October.

We have provided here our response to the first question followed by the other questions with responses on our website (see link below).

1. What is the core purpose of the MTTC?
We offer tools for change. We wish to create Agents of Change, both inner and outer. Mindfulness practices serve as pillars of support. You can adapt mindfulness to your areas of expertise. As a Mindfulness Teacher, you will have an important skill related to your work, service and knowledge to benefit others. Businesses, institutions and centres in the public and private sector welcome mindfulness classes/workshops for the staff/clients/schools/hospitals and more. You may have the opportunity to offer classes where you work or previously worked. You can also offer classes from your home or a rented room near where you live.

2. What does the MTTC offer?
3. Is there a key feature of the MTTC?
4. Why is the history of the MTTC and its primary purpose?
5. How does MTTC differ from other mindfulness courses?
6. Will the MTTC use Buddhist language?
7. Do I need to have attended Buddhist retreats before joining the MTTC?
8. How much contact will participants have with the teachers?
9. Christopher is the founder of the MTTC and senior teacher. How much will he be available?
10. Will there be an opportunity to explore ideas to help become Agents of Change?
11. Will participants support each other?
12. What are the commitments after the initial residential retreat?
13. Will everyone receive a certificate?
14. Is there anything participants can do before the MTTC starts?
15. Can you be more specific about what I will need to include in the portfolio in module 2?
16. Will MTTC assess my portfolio on English grammar, punctuation, and spelling?
17. Why the change to the two-module approach?
18. What is the role of invited guest teachers?
19. Why do you request a registration charge and donations instead of a fixed fee for the six months or 12 months?


Our affordable Mindfulness Teacher Training Course starts in October 2023 and finished in October 2024. All sessions are recorded and available to all participants including those in different time zones.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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