Worldwideinsight for weekly Dharma teachings online. The Dangers of Selfie Mindfulness

for weekly Dharma teachings online.

The Dangers of Selfie Mindfulness

Worldwide Insight, an online network, is a Dharma group that you can join from anywhere in the world.

Each Saturday and Sunday, Insight Meditation teachers offer meditation instruction, teachings, and live Q&A on video.

Worldwide Insight functions just like city based Insight Meditation groups around the world, but you can attend from anywhere.

Worldwide Insight covers the whole globe, yet delivers the Dharma right to you on your computer or smart phone.

Every few months worldwideinsight kindly invite this Dharma wallah to lead the programme.

I was on duty last Sunday evening. The session lasts for 90 minutes. I offered a guided enqury meditation for 30 minutes, a 25 minute talk on the theme below and 30 minute Q and A.

Excellent questions on Sunday. Some seasoned yogis listen in on the weekly sessions to a fine range of Dharma teachers.

My theme for Sunday, March 13, 2016.

The Dangers of Selfie Mindfulness.

There is a growing tendency to imply or assume that all suffering is self-created.

The view ignores the teachings of non-self, the emptiness of self and neglects dependent arising involving inner and outer circumstances.

Does self-help, self-inquiry, self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-interest and promotion of the Self promote self-indulgence?

Do corporate mindfulness workshops give staff the impression that stress is unrelated to the demands of the corporation to work long hours, show greater efficiency and achieve targets?

(I sometimes see a book or two written by this wallah in the self-help section of bookshops. Oh dear. We need sections of books called non self- help).

The precious Dharma teacher, Lila Kimhi from Israel, is on duty next Sunday evening, March 20, 2016. Do listen.

May all beings listen to the Dharma

May all beings explore non-self

May all beings understand dependent arising.

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