Word Perfect ….well, some talks.

In December, 2008, Andy Peri, Benoit and Nadamo kindly co-operated together to enable dharma yogis and others to listen to my dharma teachings on line, via my audio website www.christophertitmuss.org

Although I record some 30 – 50 dharma talks per year, I said to Nadamo to make available on line a maximum of 20 talks per year. Last month, Andy, Benoit and Nadamo completed many hours of preparation so listeners can now downstream the talks.

In my next Dharma eNews, I will put out an announcement to our 4000 plus subscribers worldwide that these talks are available. Judy and Eric of the Dharma Seed Tape Library in Massachesettes have also been very helpful. They e-mailed me to let me know that they have some 350 dharma talks going back 20 years or more. Many talks are available for listening on their website that includes a range of dharma teachers connected with the insight meditation tradition.

Years ago, Dharma Seed and Gaia House for a modest cost made tape cassettes of talks that yogis ordered and posted them out to them all over the world. Now dharma listeners listen online, download into their iPod or MP3 player, put on a CD or cassette for a friend.

Nadamo asked me which 20 talks should he select to make available on the website. I remembered that he had kindly edited at least 20 talks in the past three years. He had deleted my various ‘ums’ and ‘ahs,’ coughs, clearing of the throat and sniffs. Using editing software for audio, he listened to these talks and edited out most of distracting noises I made on a selection of talks. It takes quite some time to do this.

I suggested to Nadamo he should certainly include these talks among the 50 that are now freely available on the website.

I mention this to readers of the blog because you may get the impression if you listen to one of my talks on line that I am word perfect in giving a Dharma talk. Far from it. All credit to Nadamo and technology.

A special thanks also Andy and Benoit for working so hard to make the dharma talks available.