While UK energy companies look set within two years to make £170 billion in profits. Two thirds of UK households look set to go into fuel poverty by January 2023.

UK gas producers and electricity generators may make excess profits totalling as much as £170 billion over the next two years, according to UK Treasury estimates.

Rising bills look like to push two-thirds of UK households into fuel poverty by January 2023.

Domestic winter energy bills will triple the level they were last year. This will lead to immense suffering to millions of people in Britain.

The CEOs, board members and shareholders of energy companies put pressure on the government to step in and support households. They want the government to give taxpayers money to those who struggle to eat and heat. The citizens will then have to give the government handouts to the energy companies, who can maximise their profits.

Be clear. These privately run corporations do not provide a service but only pursue profit. They have not offered a penny out of the billions of pounds they make in a year to support those in need.

I pay my energy bill to Ovo

I pay my energy bill to Ovo, Britain’s third largest energy with 4.5 million customers, who bought out my previous eco-friendly supplier. Stephen Fitzpatrick, the founder of Ovo Energy, is the sixth richest person in the southwest of England with a personal wealth of £1.3bn. I live in the southwest. He has issued a 10-point list. This list does not include Ovo setting an example to other energy companies. Ovo could use their huge ongoing profits to show compassion to their customers facing fuel poverty.

His proposals read like a marketing strategy to show Ovo’s concern for the public rather than his company taking steps to support their customers.

In a BBC interview, he claimed there was “almost nothing that we can do right now that’s going to be in time for 1 October when prices go up”.

He means there is nothing his company is willing to do to ease the financial burden on their customers.

Fitzpatrick has become known as a lightweight version of US billionaire Elon Musk. Musk spent $5 billion on an 11-minute space flight while Fitzpatrick creates an inter-city flying taxi service for the super-rich.

Early this year, the OVO company sent energy-saving tips to its SSE Energy Services customers advising them to keep their heating bills low by “cuddling pets, eating porridge and doing a few star jumps.”  What planet is this company on? Have they joined Elon Musk on Mars?

OVO should rebrand itself as ONO.


We need a nationwide non-violent revolution on a scale of protest similar to the French Revolution of 1789. The French aristocracy were out of touch with the reality of daily life of citizens of the country. In the same way, the super wealthy here remain out of touch with the plight of millions.

English upper caste keep control over a submissive population. Even minor outbursts of street protest get dissolved quickly, Sadly, a revolution here is the stuff of wishful thinking.

Stay well.

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1 thought on “While UK energy companies look set within two years to make £170 billion in profits. Two thirds of UK households look set to go into fuel poverty by January 2023.”

  1. Right on Christopher about the revolution!
    Control freaks wanting more and more control of people. I guess we have always had to deal with them. Can hardly be making them any happier!
    Power to the people!

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