What is the Ultimate Truth? Video/Audio. 90 mins. with Christopher. Guided Meditation. Talk. Q and A. Via Sangha Live. Sunday 5 June 2022

The world of mind-body, mindfulness, meditation and well-being maximises priority in the language of conventional or relative truth.

The relative truth consists of a perception that certain conditions have arisen. For example, certain conditions generate stress, problems or intense suffering. This requires wise attention and change relative to the experience.

We are familiar with taking up views, remaining neutral with views or holding onto views. We might call these views relative or absolute. 

The resolution of the problem bears a relationship to the arising of the issue in the first place. This is called relative truth.

We often hold to a simplistic view of cause and effect. sometimes deeply entrenched in the psyche. The reality of this relative truth also exposes a blunt fact that we can work endlessly on problems and on overcoming them. We solve one problem and another one reveals itself.

We might try to change a situation, accept it or develop something different. These confirms signs of relative truth. Our experience is relative to our view of it.

Readers need to note that ultimate is also a relative concept – relative to a conventionally agreed view.

Is Relative Truth the only Truth?

Many experts in the science, spiritual, religious and psychological world may well settle for living in the relative truth. or make claims of absolute truth according to faith, perceptions or conclusions.

Not surprisingly, it appears relative truth takes priority. The experts often offer immense benefit for people through their knowledge and expertise in the world of relative truth. Yet….

Have we settled for imposing reality on the relative truth as the ultimate truth? Is there Truth/Real without a second, without a dependency or a condition?

In this evening programme, we will explore the significance of Truth.  Can we discover (ultimate) truth not bound to perception, nor faith, nor bound to mystery, not bound in any way at all?

This question lies at the heart of the deepest exploration.

90 Minute Session

The session includes a

30-minute guided meditation on the theme.

30-minute Dharma talk on the theme.

30-minute Question and Answer session.

For further information to join the Sunday evening session on 5 June 2022. Go to www.sangha.live 

See you there.

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