What is Art? Art is a Meditation on Life and much more…

What is Art?

(Art expresses itself through music,  words, spoken, sung and written, the paint, the stone, the wood, other materials, the cloth,  dance, other movements of the body, aesthetic sensitivities, magic, instruments, the singular and the collective of people, as a manifestation of the creative).

Alphabetical Order:

  • Art brings consciousness to stand on the edge of time and the timeless.
  • Art brings the creative imagination to the daily realities to transform them.
  • Art brings the witness into a state of contemplation.
  • Art can communicate itself through all the senses.
  • Art can lead the artist into the spell of ‘I’ and ‘my.’
  • Art can lead the artist to get caught up in the need for recognition.
  • Art challenges the crisis of values and pressures that disorientate the mind.
  • Art communicates itself through the Gods of the Earth.
  • Art confirms the power of mindfulness of the subject matter for both artist and witness.
  • Art confronts the impossible and makes it possible.
  • Art contributes to our spiritual survival.
  • Art elicits the protest to make changes.
  • Art emerges from the Deep and manifests itself upon consciousness.
  • Art enables the vitality of energy to impose itself in original ways.
  • Art enlivens the cells of our being to transform into emotional vibrations.
  • Art evokes joy, awe and wonder and reveals of the weights of daily life.
  • Art explores reality and abstracts a hidden meaning out of it.
  • Art exposes its own vulnerability in decadence, exploitation of the audience and consumerism.
  • Art exposes its own vulnerability in the lust for attention, the lust for status and lust for money.
  • Art exposes the reality of suffering.
  • Art exudes a passion to vibrate throughout the cells of the being.
  • Art faces the tyranny of oppression to reveal its mundanity
  • Art focuses on the transitory and reveals its eternal significance.
  • Art functions to awaken the human spirit to what it neither sees, knows or realizes.
  • Art inspires others to release the creative and artistic within themselves.
  • Art interacts with the material world to reveal it in a fresh light
  • Art is a meditation on life.
  • Art is an aesthetic meditation in order to be receptive to the Deep.
  • Art is the fearlessness to reveal in imaginative ways what is denied.
  • Art is the food that nourishes our being as much as food nourishes the body.
  • Art is the meeting of love and the creative to ennoble life.
  • Art is the rebellion against conformity.
  • Art opens the heart out to address the anguish of existence.
  • Art punctures the burdens and pressures that numb the mind.
  • Art releases the power of imagination to make a difference to the elements.
  • Art reveals the timeless.
  • Art shows the imagination and the world remain inseparable.
  • Art shows the way through the disillusionment that suffocates the creative.
  • Art stretches out to bestow an awareness upon the other.
  • Art supports the religious and secular culture to confirm an illustrious presentation.
  • Art unites the creative in children and adults.
  • Art uplifts mundanity and reveals its transcendence.
  • Arts speaks of the mystery beyond the sounds, words and forms and within them.

  • Yes very inspiring to see this written down here. Art is an exploration, a journey a revelation a sharing, bringing attention to ideas, perceptions… SharingBenn this list .

  • I love these illuminations on Art. Very inspiring.

    I often wonder about when the human race is no more, what will happen to all our extraordinary artefacts? I suppose they will float around in space forever, those that survive, like sculptures and the echo of music and the ghosts of words. Or maybe they all return to essence.

    I’m always getting involved in debates about the creative process vs the end product.

    I like the process, but I always want to melt the end product, return it to essence. Perhaps I should try ice sculpture. haha. Or draw mandalas in the sand. Transient art is great, but then it wouldn’t be much good if all art works just melted away.

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