We Cannot Trust Facebook. Facebook has a ‘personality’ disorder

We cannot trust Facebook. Facebook has exploited the trust of the people who use its services.

Facebook passed on the personal details of 50 million users of Facebook without consulting the people on Facebook.

You might think Facebook offers a free service. It does not.

You might think it is an advertising agency. It is not.

You are probably fed up with Facebook targetting you with advertisements. By building up your profile, Facebook then gets to have some idea of what you might want to buy,

Facebook is not a free service, nor is it an advertising agency.

Facebook is a surveillance agency. It is in the business of exploiting trust. It is a seller and buy of attention.

Facebook shows a blatant disregard for ethics, respect for users of Facebook and responsibility.

You do not have to accept the apology of CEO, Mark Zuckerberg for passing on your profiles to companies with dark shadows. Action speaks louder than words. Facebook has a ‘personality’ disorder. Greedy, selfish and lacking in empathy.

Facebook serves their own interest and of powerful organisations who:

  • engage in smear campaigns on Facebook,
  • enables powerful Russians to abuse Facebook for political ends
  • and permits massive dumping of fake news.

Facebook is no longer fit for purpose.

Facebook breaches confidentiality, data regulations and shows contempt for those of us who use Facebook.

Facebook engages in the equivalent of taking your notes that form your diaries, perhaps over years, for businesses and politicians to exploit without your permission.

Are we living in a corporate police state and a dying democracy?

Facebook sells our Profiles

Millions daily worldwide are cancelling their Facebook account. You can cancel your account but Facebook refuses to delete every bit of information you have put on Facebook.

Facebook will hold onto the information for months or years that you have put on Facebook. They claim they keep your details in case you want return. You have no choice.

Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, his board, lawyers and senior staff have an obsession with power, control and profit. They hide their ambitions for global domination behind the veneer of offering a public service.

Facebook sells the profiles of Facebook Friends to the highest bidder.

Facebook gave 50 million profiles of Facebook users to Gobal Science Research which has links to another British company, SCL, funded by a close US supporter of Donald Trump. It would appear that a director of GSR sold the profiles, which ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica, another shadowy British company working to influence the minds of voters around the world.

Cambridge Analytica claims such data swung the US election. They took the US profiles and then targeted seats that Trump could win. The Cambridge Analysts used adverts, Facebook and the news media. They focussed on certain personality types using Facebook to get a small handful out of every 100 potential voters to either vote for Trump or feel put off voting for Hilary Clinton.

While being secretly filmed, a senior executive of Cambridge Analytica said the company created the “Defeat Crooked Hilary” brand of attack ads that were watched more than 30 million times during the campaign.

Despite losing the popular vote by more than 3 million, Cambridge Analytica said they only needed to change the minds of 40,000 voters in three key states to enable Donald Trump to become the US president. Facebook users helped get Donald Trump elected.

Cambridge Analytica boss, Alexander Nix said his company worked for Trump. “We did all the research, all the data, all the analytics, all the targeting, we ran all the digital campaign, the television campaign and our data informed all the strategy.”

With the emails of his company, he said: “So you send them and after they’ve been read, two hours later, they disappear. There’s no evidence, there’s no paper trail, there’s nothing.”

Can you find out from Facebook if Facebook exploited your data?


Did Faceook advise Facebook users that there were selling their profiles?


Is the abuse of personal data against the law?


How did Cambridge Analytica use your data?

They rely on Facebook to collect all our messages, photos, holidays, habits, personal stories, like and dislikes, words and ticks.

All this information make up our profile, as well as all our ‘Friends.” Facebook exists to make a profit out of our trust.

Political organistations and corporations can send us messages, fake news and clips. We would not know that an organisation with extreme political views, a political party, or government sent us the message. Facebook knows but does not act. They are making too much  in terms of $$$$$$$$ from their rich clients.

Has Facebook demanded proof that Cambridge Analytica delete all 50 million profiles?


Has Cambridge Analytica taken any major steps to show transparency or change in policy.

No. The directors of Cambridge Analytica have  suspended their boss for what he disclosed. The company can carry on as it did before once the fuss dies down.

Cambridge Analytica analysed our likes, dislikes, our Facebook Friends, trends, comments and then grouped us into categories. Cambridge Analytica then used strategies to affect the way we vote or strategies to discourage us from voting.

Do we know whether Cambridge Analytica influence the Brexit vote?

SCL worked for Brexit in the campaign for leave Europe. The Vote Leave campaign reportedly spent £3.5 million on targeting Facebook users using another company.

Should one cancel one’s Facebook account?

You could consider deactivating/deleting your account. I prefer to stay within the ugly face of Facebook and express indignation of the abuse of Facebook to Facebook friends. 

What does Cambridge Analytica say?

The boss of Cambridge Analytica said candidates do not understand data, personal profiles etc. He said the candidates were “told what to do by the campaign team.” He said the candidate is “always” a puppet.

The CEO  and directors of Facebook. Cambridge Analytica and similar profile scooping companies  are puppets too. They dance to the tune of their paymasters and their obsessions.

We need to make clear our concerns to as many Facebook users as possible. We need to make clear Facebook Friends are not Friends of Facebook.

You might share this blog with your Facebook Friends.

Facebook can collapse. It could open the way to a company who realises the importance of ethics and empathy.

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  1. Isn’t a post where you call people to leave facebook while you yourself stay active on facebook makes you an hypocrite?

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