We are in danger of knowledge overload. What do we make as a priority?

We are in danger of knowledge overload leaving us with the burden of multiple choices and tired minds.

This phenomena of huge swathes of knowledge takes place in every category of information including the spiritual, psychological, mind-body world, the arts and daily life activities.

There is a profusion of information on Google, talks/documentaries on YouTube and the rest of social media.  There are countless numbers of people, like myself, who write a regular blog, critiques and provide information on websites. I have five websites.

This access to immense amounts of knowledge is not easy for sincere people to find their way through. Such a volume of knowledge requires easy access, detailed preparation and a supportive overview.

Some people might find themselves overwhelmed with online information, audio and Zoom. It is a bit like breathing in more than breathing out. Some people cannot absorb any more.

I had a reminder of all this as one of the guest speakers on Embodiment Meditation Week on Zoom.

Hundreds of thousands have attended in recent years Embodiments online talks in their conferences. Their remarkable conferences include a flagship event in 2020 and an Embodiment Meditation week with various speakers last month. It is the largest library of such embodiment knowledge available in a single library.

Their extensive library contains around 1000 talks from teachers worldwide with the majority based in the USA.

Knowledge Overload

The Embodiment organisers share similar concerns about knowledge overload having established an international network of teachers/practices to give support to the realities of people’s lives.

One of the organisers told me that some interested people contact the organisers seeking advice on teachings. The organisers endeavour to support as much as possible. They will direct people to areas that might be of benefit.

I have spoken twice at Embodiment Events – one at a major zoom conference in October 2020 and the second time last month at the Embodiment Meditation on Zoom on the 15 November 2021.

I appreciate the immense work of the organisers, their prompt handling of questions and their deep wish to ensure that each session flowed well for teachers and audience. This is a small team of dedicated people wishing to make important teachings accessible.

The Embodiment team showed skill and kindness in their communications.

The Embodiment Conference has an extensive library encouraging people to explore teachings and practices through listening to teachers. The organisation is aware of the challenge of presenting authentic and meaningful teachings without watering down the importance of transformative knowledge.

We can appreciate the diversity and multiplicity of teachings and practices available.

  • Could potential viewers find themselves spoilt for choice?
  • Are there too many teachings for you to choose from?
  • Could you spend a lot of time hunting around deciding what you want to spend 60 minutes to listen to?

I can make one suggestion to Embodiment to make it easier for viewers, so they do not get overwhelmed with choices.

Embodiment Conference organisers said in their publicity they have topics in 10 channels. I would suggest increasing the topics to 30 channels with teachers providing four or five bullet points covering their talk.

There are 19 topics in the current 10 channels

Each topic can stand alone.

  • Coaching & Therapy
  • Dance & Creativity
  • Ecology & Research
  • Intimacy & Relationships
  • Leadership & Business
  • Martial & Healing Arts
  • Meditation & Breathwork
  • Movement & Anatomy
  • Trauma & Social Change
  • Yoga

Here are suggestions for 11 more topics

  • Diet/Farming/Food Production
  • Ethics
  • Impact of Social Media
  • Liberation/Awakening
  • Lifestyle
  • Livelihood
  • Mindful Action in the World
  • Money/Economy
  • Religious Faith/God
  • Spirituality/Depth/Ultimate Truth
  • Wisdom.

Seekers of knowledge and insights need to remain mindful and vigilant in having access to large areas of knowledge through a range of resources.

  • Stay focussed.
  • Avoid being indecisive.
  • Take a firm step to view/listen.

This will enable you to make best use of the Embodiment Library and other such resources elsewhere.

A single sentence can change a life.

PS. Go to very foot of this home page to see link to previous blog for information and link for the free viewing of the Embodiment Library between 10-14 December 2021.



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