Voices Journey through the Silence. A Poem

Absence can’t lend its ear to violence

Even voices journey through the silence

Nor the blare of music that plays through walls

Nor precious cup that smashes when it falls.


Silence expands beyond its one remit,

Not troubled by call, shout, or sudden hit.

As sounds find their way across the long days

While poets dismiss those rapt voices that praise


The pulse of presentations punch the ears

A sharp word cuts across, elicits tears

Silence embraces waves of ripples and sound,

Piles through inner voices that surround.


Friend of silence dwells without traces found,

Silence and sound remains unsplit, unbound

Where saints and sinner find their final rest

In some profound way, both know they’re blessed.


Silence writes itself in the music halls

Upon the mobile as it rings and calls

Babies murmur in pram while dogs do bark.

The wind clutches upon the singing lark


Silence knows no new friend nor ancient foe

No palpable additions come or go

We cannot find its presence, here or there,

Wordless realm leaves listener stripped and bare.


Tiny whispers that lovers share at night

Friend of silence that exposes its might

The breath that permeates the aroused ear

With passion and erotic touch so near.


I can’t even emit a single word

I cannot disrupt deep silence conferred

Written upon stars, written in the sand

I know this silence, forever at hand.






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