I apologise for not swelling the pockets of Hollywood celebrities. I remember Brad Pit commenting:
Buddhists say there are three kinds of bad karma. To be beautiful, to be rich and to be famous (or was it rich and shameless?).

I coulddn’t agree more. I haven’t been to cinema very much. Perhaps, unconsciously, I didn’t want to increase Brad’s bad karma and thus make bad karma for myself. Since 1990, I only recall going to the cinema twice times in the past 16 years.

I can’t recall either surviving watching a whole movie on an aeroplane. I either fall asleep, go to the rear of the plane for yoga (not standing on my head), space out, read a book or listen to music (World Music and Rock Music). Incidentally, there are no windows in the toilet so we can’t look out at the open sky while taking a piss. Is Boeing afraid that a peeping Tom might look through the toilet window at 33000 feet?

One of the two movies I attended starred Brad Pit (by the way, he has no relationship to Coal Pit). Title of the film was “Seven Years in Tibet.Nshorna, my daughter, a big fan of Brad at the time, accompanied me. After the film credits finished, I asked Nshorna her opinion of the film. Shrugging her shoulders, she described the film “as exciting as watching paint dry on the wall.”

I replied. ‘Oh, come on. It wasn’t that exiting.’ I also went to see The Full Monty. Brilliant. Especially the clip in the dole queue.

In the past eight months, I have been to the cinema twice. Yes, twice. I’m not sure if I now qualify as a movie buff. Both films were German. Downfall and The Lives of Others. Five star cinema. A friend also took me to see a film in April that was a tribute to Leonard Cohen. I have recently made a resoluton to watch perceptive and insightful feature films (movies) on DVD at home or go to the movies. Yes, yes, I saw on television years ago The Matrix in between a cup of tea and a biscuit.

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