Two Managers need for our beloved 10-day French Yatra (Pilgrimage) in 2019

Around 150 participants join our annual French Yatra.
We are need two managers, who help prepare the Yatra, as well as other details.

We put out an appeal for managers last month but so far noone has come forward.
Our Yatra depends upon such support for the Yatra to take place.
The Dharma Yatra has been running since 2001, with different people giving their time and energy over the years to make this unique event possible.
We are looking for new organisers for the 2019 Dharma Yatra to take over from Muriel and Sam.
What is needed:
  • 1 or 2 people to organise the route and site logistics, such as finding camps and lunch spots, organising walking routes, sourcing food etc. We can use previous paths to make it easier. Or this could be in a new area that you are familiar with, or it could be in the same area as the 2018 Yatra. If it’s in the same area as last year we could use some of the same camps and walking routes, and the same food suppliers. The person/s taking on this role need to speak French or a local person who act as translator.
  • 1 Yatra coordinator to manage the Dharma Yatra itself, as well as coordinating the setting up of the Dharma Yatra both physically from 2 weeks before and a couple days after the event, and virtually in the preceding months.
Both the above could also be done by a small team of 2-3 people in a way that would share the work load and allow for the skill sets and availability to be shared amongst a group. We are open to discuss ways of making this possible that would suit the individuals taking on the role of creating the Yatra 2019.
Muriel and Sam have concluded their roles as organisers of the French Dharma Yatra.
We very much appreciate their generous service and time to make the Dharma Yatra possible.
Both Muriel and Sam have kindly offered their supportive knowledge, skills and expertise to those who follow in their footsteps. Florence kindly continues to take the registrations and look after the accounts.
The 2019 Dharma Yatra depends upon the preparation and support of the organisers.
If you have any questions, or feel interested in either role please contact us:
So instead of the emails for Denis and myself can you put this link:
Do write in French or English. Click link below.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Christopher, Denis, Zohar and Nathan.

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