Twenty Questions Pointing to a Liberated Way of Life

You would not waste your time if you spent hours, days, months or years directing your mind regularly to a liberation and wisdom that eliminates all suffering from perceptions.

Your insights would contribute to the peace of mind and welfare of countless numbers of beings. A liberated way of life also ends demands on others and pointless pressure on ourselves.

If you are deeply interested in a liberating and insightful way of life, then you could consider the following questions.

Transcendence means a liberation from being ensnared, trapped or stuck in problematic ways of being/doing/behaviour.

Twenty Questions pointing to a liberated way of life (In alphabetical order):

  1. Are you taking steps to get out of certain habits?
  2. Are you willing to keep turning your attention to liberation?
  3. Do you draw insights from important  experiences –   joyful or painful?
  4. Do you experience a daily sense of liberation or is it occasional, or not at all?
  5. Do you have an authentic sense of not being bound to past, present or future?
  6. Do you have an authentic sense of the timeless?
  7. Do you have any practice that points you towards the resolution of suffering?
  8. Do you know how to squeeze the honey out of experiences, even if a long time ago?
  9. Do you meditate, reflect, read and inquire into truth that wakes you up?
  10. Have you had a transcendent experience?
  11. Have you had any experiences of not feeling bound up with self and other?
  12. Have you made your primary interest the exploration of reality?
  13. How do you experienced the benefits of profound spiritual experiences in daily life?
  14. What are ways to free up from self-preoccupation?
  15. What changes a conditioned way of looking at situations?
  16. What does the bigger picture tell you?
  17. What is revealed?
  18. What shows the significance of challenging experience?
  19. What words seem suitable for profound experiences? Reality? God? Nirvana? etc
  20. Why are deep experiences important?


  • Dear Christopher, Thank you very much for your web site, blog, and many many information that you share! It makes me stop and think. I am on my path of discovering the root of my suffering, suffer less and through kindness to help others who still suffer.
    I wish you to enjoy the root of happiness!

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