Twelve Radical Political Changes to Save the Earth

Radical Change is vital. We need a new political, economic and social system employing wisdom and skills of all members of society from science, politics, the arts, religion and activists.

  1. Abolish exams. Offer education for a sustainable life and include learning practical skills.
  2. Close Houses of Parliament. Parliament to meet in various areas in the UK
  3. Develop Green energy banks for clean energy and energy conservation
  4. End dependency of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions by 2025
  5. End subsidies to fossil fuel companies and end export of weapons.
  6. End two party political system and switch to proportional representation.
  7. Establish Citizen Assemblies throughout the country to present findings to Parliament.
  8. Limit flight miles/cruise ships miles/car miles, per year, per customer.
  9. Reduce voting age to 14.
  10. Relegate consumerism, economic growth and capitalism to the dustbin of history..
  11. Tax business rates, as in shops, to online companies. Set maximum upper wage.
  12. Work a four-day week to earn less and thus consume less


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