Towards an Inter-Active Facebook Friends Page

I am making a small change in the communications with my Facebook Friends page with around 3000 Friends.

For several years, I placed a link from this blog in the Facebook box WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? I added a photograph and a few words about the link with rare responses to your COMMENTS. I felt I have had my say on the blog and others can exchange with each other.

Friends have encouraged me to engage more with the Facebook Friends.

I agreed. I will respond to some of your Comments so the Comment column might become more inter-active.

I will place an extract from the blog in the WHAT’S ON YOU MIND box and then add the link to the blog in COMMENTS.

I will check this page two or three times a week to look at any Comments you may have put up and respond to them.

Regularly, you have made some valid points about a blog. Some of these points I have adapted into the blog text as your points have shown some fresh light on the theme.

Earlier this month, I started a Facebook Group called Christopher Titmuss Teachings. We are beginning contacts with around 240 who have joined so far. Some of themes addressed will support daily life.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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