TOTNES. A Life, Death and Rebirth. May 2022. 25 Posters of Events on the streets of the town.

I still find it incomprehensible for the draconian lockdown to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. Except for the privileged, home means a confined space – toilet, bathroom, bedroom, hallway etc.

People go out to shop and return home with the virus. The virus hangs in the air for an hour or two or left on surfaces to be touched and infect a person. The home became a breeding ground for Covid. Today in the UK, more than 3,000, 000 people suffer from long covid from several weeks to months or a year or two.
The outdoors has fresh air, breezes, wind and a range of temperatures/climate. The possibility of picking up Covid outdoors, with social distancing, reduced the risk factor. Walks around the streets, parks, woods, fields and exercise in public places would have increased fitness, strengthened immune system, nourished connection through seeing the local community outdoors, plus giving support for the young and elderly to be outside.
Lockdown caused much loneliness, unhappiness, pressure at home, arguments, excesses infood drink, and impact on health. The inept government policy contributed to much suffering, separation, long Covid, dying and death. Enough written.
Here is the main point of this blog. Rebirth of Totnes
Since the start or the global pandemic, Totnes (Devon, UK) found itself in lockdown for extended periods over two years – as in numerous other parts of the world.
In the past three months, we witnessed the life, death and rebirth of the town (population 8400).
Here is a link to 25 photos of posters that have sprung up in Totnes in the past couple of months – like daffodils announcing Spring is on its way. All the photos were taken in the high street or right next to it.
Take a look. Click on a photo to enlarge picture to read details. Do attend one of the events in mind/body/spirit/the arts/social change and more.
Numerous gifted people with immense skills live in Totnes, TQ9 and south Devon. An evening programme, a single workshop and just a sentence can change a life.
Organise an event in your area and put up a poster. Share an idea with others for inspiration and application. Our Totnes coffee shops often serve as the starting pointing to make something happen – Hairy Barista, Coffee1. The Curator and a dozen more.
Coffee, conversation, communication, culture and community matter.

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