To Be English means not to be English. What a relief. 32 Favourite Choices of the English.

We, the English,

clearly prefer a non-English way of life.

  1. Our favourite  hot drink –  a cuppa tea (from Sri Lanka/India)
  2. Our second favourite hot drink –  a coffee (Africa, Arab nations, South America, Italy)
  3. Favourite alcohol – lager Scandinavia
  4. Favourite short drink – whisky Scotland
  5. Most popular fruit  –  oranges Mediterranean, India, Brazil
  6. Most popular fruit – bananas. Caribbean
  7. Favourite Restaurant – Indian
  8. Favourite plant-based recreational drug – marijuana. Asia
  9. Favourite Cars – EU/Japan/South Korea
  10. Favourite Mind/Body class – Yoga, India
  11. Favourite Holiday destination – Spain
  12. Favourite long-distance holiday – Thailand
  13. Favourite workers – Polish
  14. Favourite Institution – NHS (National Health Service) staffed by many internationals
  15. Favourite alternative education – Steiner School, Montessori School  Germany, Italy
  16. Favourite major football team – owned by billionaires from overseas
  17. Favourite top football manager – from EU or South America
  18. Voted Footballer of the Year (2018) – Mohamed Salah, Egyptian
  19. Voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year (2018) – Geraint Thomas, Tour de France winner. Wales
  20. Favourite Airline – Singapore Airlines
  21. Favourite furniture flat pack – Sweden
  22. Favourite cheap clothes store – Primark, Ireland
  23. Favourite music – rock. Afro-American roots
  24. Favourite self-help technique – Mindfulness, Buddhist Tradition, Thailand.
  25. Most printed book – The Bible
  26. Favourite junk food – McDonalds, USA
  27. Favourite large kitchen appliances – EU, Japan, Korea
  28. Most popular mobile phones – China, South Korea
  29. Most popular TV detective series – Scandinavian
  30. Fastest growing religions – Islam and Buddhism
  31. Favourite complementary medicine – acupuncture,  Ayurveda, herbal medicine. homeopathy Asia, Germany
  32. Favourite Films – Hollywood.


We can offer Monty Python humour. a precious commodity.

We still carry on singing that great song of that much loved English rock band Queen

‘We are the Champions of the World.’

Oh, wait a minute, beloved lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) had Indian parents and was born in Zanzibar.

We, English, have no self-existence. What a relief. We are made up of a composition of internationals.

Despite shadows of economic colonialism over the country, we live through our receptivity to what the rest of the world offers us.

THANK YOU.  Diversity is good for us.

Parliament votes on BREXIT today (15 January 2019).


I think I’ll go and put the kettle on and have a cuppa tea.

That’s what we, the English, do in a crisis.

And this country is in a crisis.


2 thoughts on “To Be English means not to be English. What a relief. 32 Favourite Choices of the English.”

  1. Dear Christopher,
    This list looks very interesting and so multicultural 🙂
    Just a bit of correction. From what I’ve read about Freddie Mercury, his parents were Parsis (Persians, Zoroastrian community) from Gujarat region of the then-province of the Bombay Presidency in British India.

    Greetings and blessings your way *

    Paty Krus

  2. Hi Christopher…….I am English but live in Scotland and take neither as an identity. Like you I enjoy the benefits of belonging to something greater. Whatever the end result of Brexit is I hope a space will open up for what Government is ignoring ie climate change. We are approaching the point of no reversal and still all Governments, including are own, are ignoring warnings. One scientific assessment forecasts mass starvation within ten years. Brexit has been a huge distraction. You are fortunate to be in a Transition Town. We all need to change our lifestyle. With best wishes………

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