There is Light and only Light. by Gemma Polo Pujol. A Book Review

This is a review of the first book of Gemma Polo Pujol, a spiritual teacher for 20 years, whose home is in Spain. She is a co-parent of two children.

Sub-title: Teachings to Illuminate your Inner Journey
Gemma Polo Pujol
Edited by Danielle Kerris
Watkins Bookshop 2020
ISBN: 978-1-786783-47-9

The book conveys Gemma’s personal story, the significance of the spiritual life and words which share for her a common meaning, such as Life, Source, Love, God and Light.

Born and brought up in Barcelona, Spain, Gemma, aged 11, watched a film Brother Sun, Sister Moon, about St Francis of Assisi, the much-loved austere 13th century Italian monk. The film turned her consciousness and her heart towards the spiritual. After her education, she devoted herself to exploring the spiritual life including life in a Catholic convent, long walks for weeks in nature and Buddhist retreats.

Gemma and Danielle, the editor, settled on the pronoun ‘we’ through out text to include all those who explore spirituality and more. The book serves as a fine introduction to meditation, retreats and spiritual practices addressing a range of experiences that most people share.

Her spiritual adventure took her to India on an annual basis to teach where she spent time in north and south India. She spent much time in places, which confirm the heartbeat of Hindu-Buddhist religious life.

She communicates a warm and caring tone that invites readers to explore and expand on their experiences. Gemma also includes a range of precious points, some of which she has put into bold type. Such as:

When we learn to let go and rest into the heart, the next step can be whispered to us.

I knew that what I was looking for no one else could give me.

It is our task to tune in and find within that which is uplifting and most important, and give space and light to that.

There is a big difference in living life as if life is against us, that we have to be someone and fight for our space…

We are asked continuously to weave together the inner world and outer world together – there are not two realities.

The book encourages readers to engage in an exploration of what it means to be human and search for what is divine.

Do buy the book from your local bookshop.

Take ISBN number with you.

Support small businesses.

  • Thank you for this recommendation Christopher. I ordered the book and have started reading it. She is very inspiring and has introduced me to the film ‘Brother sun, sister moon’.

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