The Silence behind the Leaf. A Reflection

Consciousness immerses itself into the wild of undulating nature with little to grasp upon in the innocence of the display. Day by day, this formless realm absorbs itself in the depth of your being, watering the roots of the modesty of your existence.

You cannot underestimate the power of exposure to the Earth outstretched as it minimises the familiarity of a constructed world of names, roles and forms. Rolling hills, immediacy of fields, emergence of trees and plants resonate without our imposition.

The marvel of the tangible world remains elusive to your grasp, unlike the norms of daily life. In the credibility of this outreach, the elements move into the rich corners of your mind, offering an opportunity to meet with your self – hidden, unknown owing to the spell of  the usual constructs of your mind.

The unremitting extant before you  makes it possible to meet the fusion of the inner-outer, more than you had felt and known before. Your self-forgetfulness in the wild sparks a self-remembrance, not of the past but of a deep mode of being.

Your roles and relationships with others seem small change, confirming a zealous split from your relationship with eternity. The sun, wind and rain can hide the silence of the infinite behind a leaf or within the call of a bird to a vastness beyond thought. Your silence functions as a unifying element between the one who wanders in the wild and the wild.

The immersion of the whole being saturates consciousness, diminishing the accumulated knowledge of the range of past experience and functionality of years. This far-reaching presentation of being wipes the slate clean, leaving aside the limited question of Who Am I?

The formation of questions and answers dissolve in the  impetus for a movement naturally taking place, far beyond the priority of resolving issues of your life, past, present and future. This inexplicable absence of the conditioned mind reveals a state of innocence, a wonder, a mysterium tremendum.

This walk in the wild also confirms the unknown of the destination, climatic changes and the endless vista of an impregnable reality. Consciousness finds itself with nothing much left in its tiny formations and fleeting constructs of thoughts and things, often employed for self-assertion.

An immeasurable freedom co-exists with this immersion that you know vaguely or utterly, far removed from your companions in the familiar world of people and places. This immense silence dispels any pretence of a reasonable explanation to offer another person, as well as to yourself.

You find yourself in the sublime circumstance of not knowing what to make of this walk in Eternity. The desire to make something of it confirms a corruption in the mind. The desire to deduce and adapt the wild, the deep, to the constraints of self-interest reveals the magnitude of the impossible.

You have realised the depth of the backdrop to your finite existence. You are left with nothing to explain.

You get on with your life, no longer seeing the point in making a fuss over its measurable dynamics.

The silence behind the leaf confirms the infinite of the wild.

This is unforgettable.

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