The Self, the ‘I,’ is Insubstantial. Utterly Empty. Join SanghaLive. Sunday 5 February 2023. 20.00 – 21.30 (CET). Open to All. On donation

Do join this 90-minute session of Dharma teachings/practices on Sunday 5 February 2023 from 20.00 – 21.30 with SanghaLive.

The period divides into three primary areas. 30-minute guided meditation. 30-minute talk. 30-minute Questions and Answers. There is no charge for the session. You invited to give a dana (donation) to support the small team, who run SanghaLive and the teacher.

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The ‘Self’ is Insubstantial. Utterly Empty.


Humans live in the spell of the self, as if it had substantial existence.

The condition of the I vary day by day, sometimes showing an intensity, such as addiction, fear, anxiety and anger.

The experience of I can be calm and quiet, without significance.

Deep meditation and deep sleep confirm the absence of any activity of I, of self.

Such daily life events contribute to recognising the insubstantiality of I, of myself.

There is no evidence to show any permanent self, unchanging and substantial.

The I can land on body, feelings, emotions, thoughts and objects, imagined or in the world or not land anywhere.

As with everything else in the world of mind-body-environment, if the conditions are there for I to arise, then the phenomena arise.

If the conditions are not available, then the I will not arise in the field of experience at that time.

Dharma offers a reflection/meditation/inquiry into this phenomenon.

Teachings neither perpetuate the I, nor try to get rid of the I. Both reveal extreme positions.

Wisdom shows the middle way between a real I and no I.

To Wake UP

To wake up means to end the dream in living in projections of reality onto the I.

This is a misplaced view. There is reality. It is significant but it is not limited, nor wrapped around the finite construction of I, me and self.

One who asks, ‘Who Wakes Up?’ lives in the spell of ‘I.’

Sunday evening teaching on SanghaLive will offer ways to a non-intellectual realisation of emptiness of self.

Be devoted to this exploration in daily life – until authentic reality reveals itself.  There is the potential to clear seeing as seeing colour for one with sound eyesight.

To wake up from the dream of building up a notion of self and putting down the notion of self is liberating.

Don’t forget.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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