The Precious Importance of Trees

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Trees serve as the lungs of the Earth

Trees are the living pillars of the Earth

Trees are a bridge between heaven and earth

Trees are the home for animals, reptiles, birds and insects

Trees provide shade from the sun for human and other creatures

Roots of trees reach out to roots of trees in mutual support

Trees provide furniture, firewood, cardboard and paper for humans

Trees store water and send water up through trunk of the trees.

Trees take what they need to sustain a healthy life

Bark of tree shows age like skin of ageing humans

Tops of trees fade with old age like humans with greying hair and baldness

Trees appreciate to be in the company of trees (forests, woods)

Humans and other creatures also appreciate social contact.

Trees support wildlife, plant life and all manner of fungi

Trees produce fruit and leaves to feed creatures, large and small

Certain trees can live for 1000 – 2000 years or more

Individuals, tree surgeons, farmers, councils, governments and international bodies have a duty to plant, protect and conserve trees.

The Buddha, yogis, sages, saints, meditators and poets sit under trees

Buddhist monks ordain front line of trees to stop loggers in Buddhist countries

Gautama the Buddha, one of the world’s best loved humans, woke up fully under a tree

Jesus carried two planks of wood nailed together for his crucifixion

Lovers of trees touch trees, hug trees, kiss trees and listen to them

Indigenous communities, Buddhist monks, yogis, Taoists etc live in forests

Trees flourish best among the diversity of trees more than in a mono-culture

Trees stand alone in a field with majestic presence

Young and old love to see wild animals and other creatures in the forests

Humans will contract and hold their breath for seconds when experiencing a threat from the wild

Children thrill to wander deep into the forest

Children love to climb trees.

Children love stories about life in the forest – day and night.

Children’s fables of excitement and fears in the forest offer realisations.

Dramas in the forest offer insights into our unconscious world.

Trees remind all of us to stand tall in life and develop deep roots.

Trees remind us to experience a depth beyond our narrow form.


May all beings love and care for trees

May all beings live with respect for trees

May all beings reflect on our inter-connection with trees



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