The Happiness of Emptiness. With Christopher. Sunday 21 January 2024. 20.00 – 21.30 CET. Hosted by Sangha Live

Exploration of ultimate teachings requires listening, reflection/meditation rather than sitting to wait for an experience. Emptiness does not require a specific experience or sequence of experiences.

The ultimate reveals the emptiness of self, ego, I and my – including self interest, self help and self compassion.

This session will explore the contractions forming self, positive/negative and the way our minds have become wrapped up in roles and socialisation

Insubstantiality of self confirms emptiness.

Confirmation of Insubstantiality

2023 photo taken in Totnes, Devon, England

1970 photo. taken in Thailand.

Knowing Emptiness makes everything possible generates an authentic happiness

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Sunday Sangha – 21st January 2024

Date: Sunday 21 January 2024

Start Time: 11am PT (L.A.) / 2pm ET (N.Y.) / 7pm GMT (London) / 8pm CET (Paris). 90-minute live session.

Timetable: 30 mins Guided Meditation on the theme. 30 mins teaching. 30 mins Q&A.

Offered without charge.  Donations (dana) for Sangha Live team and teacher.

Teacher: A former Buddhist monk, Christopher Titmuss, a senior Dharma teacher in Europe, offers retreats and leads Zoom meetings. His teachings focus on ethics, insight meditation (vipassana), the expansive heart and inquiry into emptiness/liberation. Poet, photographer, blogger and social critic, he is the author of 22 books, including a memoir of his experiences as a monk. He is the founder of the Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC). More than 1000 of his talks/inquiry sessions and guided meditations are freely available on  and podcastsHe lives in Totnes, Devon, England.

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