The Buddha Wallah. A 90 minute documentary issued 2011. International travels of Christopher. Now freely available on Vimeo

The Buddha Walllah* is a 90-minute documentary following the international journeys of Christopher Titmuss between 2008 and 2010.

The documentary includes Totnes, England, France, Germany, India, Israel, Palestine, Myanmar and Thailand,

There are extracts from his teachings/inquiry/dialogue on retreats, pilgrimages and workshops. The film includes responses to his work from Nshorna (his daughter), Sonya (a former partner), and time with his grandchildren.

Distributed in 2011, the documentary shows his work in areas of conflict and his efforts towards reconciliation.

Christopher, a former Buddhist monk, visits his former monastery in Thailand to pay respect to his dying teacher, Venerable Ajahn Dhammadharo. He also visits the cave on an island off the coast of southern Thailand, where he spent nine months in 1973.

The film was made available primarily for international distribution for television, edited to 60 minutes.

Christopher advocates love of aloneness and deep friendship with people, animals and the environment. He emphasises mindfulness, meditation, service and wisdom as important contributions for a fulfilled and liberated way of life.

Zinnoberfilm, a leading documentary filmmaker in Germany, filmed more than 100 hours of his travels over a two year period.
Director: Georg Maas and Dieter Zeppenfeld
Duration: 90 min, plus four extra clips

Thank you to Kali Franciska von Koch in Sweden who encouraged Dieter to make the documentary.

*Wallah is a Hindi word meaning ‘worker,’ such as chai wallah.

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