Ten Points to Remember for Daily Mindfulness. Plus bare info on our next online 12 month Mindfulness Teacher Training Course in summer of 2025

Currently, Nshorna (my daughter) and I teach the 12-month primarily online Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC).

A new day in Totnes, Devon, England. View from my loft window

We finished the first six-month module earlier this month (April 2024) and have started the second module finishing in October 2024. Ten of our participants attended the first module for a training in mindfulness for their personal benefit.

I am sending to these participants 10 pointers to reflect and apply in daily life. Mindfulness offers a range of practical tools to develop calmness and clarity in daily life.

Ten Points for Daily Life

1.       Mindfulness matter equally in the four major postures – sitting, walking, standing and reclining. This includes sitting on the bus to work, walking along the high street, standing while waiting for a friend and reclining before sleep at night.

2.      Eat food close to its origins and primarily drink water. Eat modest portions of processed food – rice, spaghetti etc. Eat and drink minimal highly processed food (food soaked in sugar, salt, fats, additives) that harms health in short and long term.

3.      Experience the joys of life that arise naturally and effortlessly, rather than an outcome of personal desires.

4.      Increase weekly your time outdoors for wellbeing, especially garden, parks, woods, countryside and more.

5.      Engage in mindful speech – free from negativity, gossip, backbiting, second-hand information, misleading and prejudice. Show kindness, love and understanding in the written and spoken word.

6.      Remember to en-joy moments, to laugh, to learn, to share and find renewal through the arts. Be receptive to the spiritual in life.

7.      A noble way of life includes service to people, creatures and the environment and renewal through meditation, silence and outdoors.

8.     Engage in friendships, groups, courses and retreats to learn from others and they to learn from you.

9.      Remember in tough times that “This too will pass.” – just as other previous challenges have passed.

10.  Know a freedom not depending on anything, anywhere.

Incidentally, Nshorna and I plan to start the next MTTC, probably in the summer of 2025. The course includes the two of us as senior teachers, Jude (our co-ordinator) and five assistant teachers.

We have a list of 37 names so far of people, who have expressed an interest to join the next MTTC when we start taking registrations in October of 2024. Many wish to start a new direction in their life.

If you wish to consider attending the first module, or both modules for the next teacher training, please email us at: mttcglobal@gmail.com. The teacher training provides a MTTC certificate and CPD certificate (professional certificate recognised worldwide).

See www.mindfulnesstrainingcourse.org for information about the MTTC.

May all beings see purpose in challenges
May all being cooperate together
May all beings know a fulfilled life.

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